Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

I've been blogging on and off for approximately 5+ years now and I absolutely love the freedom of expression it gives me. It's fun, energizing, and a great way to connect with people all over the world! But with all the fun comes the confusion, craziness, and outright hilarity. Here are some of my favorite (and least favorite) things about blogging.


You know you're a fashion blogger if...

  • You always find a great place to shoot when you don't have your camera on you
  • Your significant other is sick and tired of taking pictures of you

  • You can't resist taking a picture of your food before you eat it
  • You're constantly getting asked "What are you doing?" "Are you a model?" while shooting

  • You've been shooed away from areas while shooting

  • You're always trying to find the best lighting

  • You carry a color-coded planner 
  • When you're shopping, you pick pieces based on how "blog-able" they are

  • You put together an outfit that you think is flawless and it turns out to be a total flop in front of the camera
  • You have a long list of clothes you want to buy, foods you want to try, and places you want to go

  • You can walk miles in heels

  • You pick out your outfit thinking "Have I posted this yet?"
  • You take hundreds of flatlay photos just to get the right one

  • You have hundreds of future outfits planned out 
  • Your favorite social media app platform is either Instagram or Pinterest

  • You know how to use your camera better than you know how to use your phone

  • You have internet BFF's all over the world
  • You spend way too much time scouting shoot locations

  • Going on a trip is an opportunity for so many new amazing photos/outfits/locations

  • Your family doesn't understand why you blog

  • You used to have a blog that you shut down for one reason or the other but you're back now because you just can't seem to stay away from blogging

  • You feel a bit triumphant when you're done shooting and you know you got some awesome photos!

Did I miss any? Comment your contribution below!



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