Cyber Monday 101

If you're like me, you cringe at the thought of the lines, crowds, and chaos that accompany Black Friday shopping. You'd rather kick your feet up, heat up a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers, and nab some door-busters from the comfort of your own home. For this very reason, Cyber Monday sales continue to rapidly increase from year to year.

For those of you who are new to the Cyber Monday game, here's a few tips and tricks to get the best deals out there!

Get prepared

Most brands start promoting their Cyber Monday sales (via email blasts or social media) weeks before the actual sale. This gives you a preview of what's worth your attention (and money).

Make sure you're subbed to your favorite stores’ email lists and following their social media accounts. Usually, email subscribers are the first to receive sales notifications.

Multiple devices

Just like Black Friday shopping irl, there's tons of people in the checkout line during Cyber Monday. This can cause crashed sites and delayed checkout times. Have access to multiple devices to push through.

Also, if a brand has an app, download it in advance.  It will be much easier checking out through the app. This worked for me twice last week when Missguided had a 50% off everything sale. I made two orders in less than 20 minutes using the app while 40,000+ people waited hours just to enter the website.

Comparison shop and research

This is something I say in all of my videos: research, research, research. ALWAYS read or watch a few reviews before purchasing from a website you're unfamiliar with.

Also, don't forget to comparison shop before purchasing. You never know what stores are offering a better deal than the one you're looking at. Use online resources like Shopstyle and Google Shopping to quickly sift through thousands of retailers.


Most importantly, have fun, shop smart, and be safe! What are some of your Black Friday/Cyber Monday tips? Share them in the comments!


Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries


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