Missguided Review

As some of you may know, I have a YouTube channel. I started the channel 2-3 years ago in order to share my experiences with online shopping. So many people were/are worried about getting scammed while online shopping so I take the time to review clothing websites in order to help others find the trustworthy ones.

I'll be streamlining my video reviews to written reviews over the next couple of months.

I use very specific criteria to decide if a website is worth recommending to others. This includes clothing price, clothing quality, shipping time, shipping price, and customer service.

First up, Missguided!

***Disclaimer: All my opinions are my own. I was not asked by any representative of Missguided asked me to create this review.****

Clothing Price

The prices at Missguided are great; the average item is between $15-$60. I often fill my cart up with 4-5 pieces and spend less than $100!

Also, Missguided has frequent sales and discounts. In the last 30 days alone, they’ve had three separate 50% sales!

Clothing Quality

I have pieces from Missguided in my closet that are 4+ years old. The clothing quality is better than I expected from such an affordable site. Most of the fabrics are faux suede, faux leather, or polyester but they actually stand the test of time!

Shipping Time

Because Missguided is based in the UK, I expected the shipping time to be somewhere around 15 business days (the usual for most UK-based sites). But all of my orders from Missguided have arrived within 7-8 business days! That’s great shipping speed!

Shipping Price

Missguided offers free shipping on all orders that are $50+.

On the few occasions I spent less than $50, my shipping fee was only $4-$6

Either way, the shipping is very reasonably priced!

Customer Service

The customer service at Missguided is what keeps me coming back (besides the cute clothes of course)!

I’ve had multiple experiences with their customer service team (when I entered the wrong address, when I accidentally placed the same order twice, when the site crashed during checkout); my issue is always resolved quickly and efficiently.

Also, I absolutely love the courtesy emails Missguided sends as the package approaches me.

They send an email when the package is sent.

They send an email when the package begins transit.

They send an email when the package arrives in the US.

They send an email the day before it arrives.

And they even send an email once it’s delivered!

If that’s not excellent customer service, I don’t know what is!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a big fan of Missguided! I refer all of my friends and family to this site because I know it’s affordable and has a huge variety of clothing! This is a site I go back to again and again and again because I know they’ll have pieces for any occasion.

I hope this review is helpful and informational to you. Please feel free to request/recommend any sites you’d like me to cover.




Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries