Travel Style - Essential Accessories

When I’m traveling, I like to keep my style simple yet chic. Being a habitual suitcase-stuffer, I’ve made recent attempts to pack lighter and smarter. This means cutting back on the accessories (although I truly believe I need 10 pairs of shoes for a 3-day trip) and making my luggage easier to carry. Here are my essential accessories for traveling in style:


I’m a lover of heels; I wear them on a daily basis for work or for play and I rarely ever switch to flats or sneakers. But when you catch me on vacation, I’m the complete opposite! Sneakers are are a staple in my travel style.

When I’m playing tourist and walking around, the last thing I want to worry about is my heels sinking in the sand or getting scraped up on a city sidewalk.

Dad Hats

Dad hats are quirky and versatile travel accessories. When I’m having a messy hair day or just don’t feel like fussing with my hair, I throw a dad hat on.

They’re perfect for travel because they’re a quick addition to any outfit and they keep my skin and eyes protected from the sun, rain, or wind.


Sunglasses are my favorite accessory to finish off an outfit but they’re especially helpful when I’m traveling in sunny/tropical locales.

When my fiance and I visited Los Angeles, we didn’t go anywhere without our sunglasses. Driving throughout the hills, we realized we could get flashed with a blast of sunlight at any time.


I used to carry a purse as my personal item when I boarded a plane but I recently switched to carrying backpacks when I realized how versatile they are.

They’re sturdy, easier to carry than a heavy tote bag, roomy (I can usually fit my laptop, camera, a clutch, and a pair of shoes inside), and more secure than a purse. Some travelers wear a backpack on their stomach to avoid pickpockets but I just put a padlock on mine when necessary.


Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries