An Itinerary: Maui, Hawaii

My family and I try to travel together at least once a year and this year, we've decided to visit Maui! Hawaii is a travel destination I've dreamed about for ages! Of course, my travel choices are almost always influenced by TV or movies. When I think of Hawaii, scenes from Lilo & Stitch, F*ck That’s Delicious, and 50 First Dates flash across my mind. I'm ready for perfect tropical weather, beautiful island flowers, and delicious fusion food! Here are all the things we plan to try and see in Maui, Hawaii this upcoming Fall:

Keck Observatory: My fiancé is very interested in astronomy. We almost always visit an observatory while we're traveling but I'm especially excited to visit this one. It is on a dormant volcano called Mauna Kea in Kamuela. The area is affected by minimal city light pollution meaning the view will be even more amazing from the telescopes.


Surfing & Paddle-Boarding: You just can't go to Hawaii without trying your hand at some water sports. I'm probably the least coordinated, most adventurous traveler there is! I'm sure if I can walk in heels, I can ride a wave (I hope-haha)! We're unsure whether we want to take beginners lessons or just wing it.


Zipline Tours: When visiting such a beautiful scenic island, it almost seems obligatory to tour Maui from the best view possible: in the sky! While my scaredy-cat Mom cheers us on from the sidelines, me, my younger siblings, Dad, and fiancé will be zipping through the skies (GoPro in tow)!


Snorkeling and/or Scuba Diving: My first and only time snorkeling was at Deadman’s Reef in the Bahamas. It was the best, most adventurous water experience I’ve ever had! Following the fish around made me want to swim farther and farther out to explore. It made me less nervous in the water as I’m not the strongest swimmer. I’ll definitely be snorkeling in Hawaii and may even try scuba diving. I’m especially excited to visit Black Sand Beach.

Road to Hana: The Road to Hana aka the Hana Highway is 52 miles long, the average speed is 25 mph, it has 617 turns and 59 bridges, many only 1 lane. It begins in Kahului and ends in Hana. This is a popular tourist attraction because the drive is beautifully scenic, dotted with pit stops, roadside snack shacks, and photo ops galore. Hana (the final destination) is described as a peaceful, unspoiled small town.

Some of the most popular stops on the Road to Hana are the Twin Falls, Blue Pools, Pua’a Ka’a Park, Garden of Eden Arboretum, etc.


Food!!!: One of the best things about traveling is trying new foods! We like to follow recommendations from friends, local, and TV shows (I highly reccomend F*ck That’s Delicious on Viceland).

Hawaii is well known for fusion (especially asian-fusion) cuisine. I’m excited to try Hawaiian delicacies like roast pork (the kind that cooks buried underground), poke, sushi (even spam sushi even though I hate spam), aloha lemonade, acai bowls, manapua, and so much more.  


Shopping: This wouldn’t be a style blog without a bit of shopping in every post! My best friend lived in Hawaii for nearly 10 years and she brags that it’s the best shopping she’s ever experienced! Hawaii features several retail and outlet malls but I’m most excited for the flea markets, farmers markets, and swap meets that host local small businesses.

There’s so much to explore, try, and do in Hawaii, this may just be the beginning of a multi-post bucket list.

Have you been to Hawaii? Plan on going? Comment a few of your bucket list to-dos below?


Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries