How to Copy Celebrity Airport Style

Disclaimer: This guest post is written by Brigitte Evans of High Style Life, a website dedicated to life and all the little pleasures it brings.


If you’re thinking: “Well, it’s a plane ride, and all I really want is to be comfortable”, you might be doing it wrong. While it’s important to be comfortable, especially during a long flight, there is something empowering about exiting a plane in style, and celebrities know this best. True, they’re usually welcomed by a swarm of paparazzi, but just because you’re not famous that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best. Even if there’s no one welcoming you back from your trip or at your destination, every occasion is fair game to put your best look forward. As celebrities have mastered the airport attire, who better to turn to for inspiration (and a bit of copying) than them? To that end, we’ve created a comprehensive list of must-have items and garments to rock that airport like it’s a runway, while feeling comfy of course.

Comfy and stylish

Photo Collage of Celebrities in Airport Outfits.png


First order of business – the clothes. You want to make sure they’re a perfect mixture of style and comfort so choose carefully. There are numerous routes to take and many celebrities to copy. For instance, you can go with the, oh so trendy athleisure style and channel your inner supermodel with a stylish tracksuit. If sweats aren’t really your cup of tea, you can always take a cue from the likes of eternally stunning Blake Lively and class it up with a pair of light white trousers and a timeless piece like a trench coat. Of course, you can always decide to glam-up like the fashion icon Victoria Beckham, with dark skinny jeans, a black blouse and a super chic black blazer. Stripes will never go out of style, and Gwyneth Paltrow is definitely aware of this. A striped sweater, leather pants, and Chuck Taylors are definitely your go-to casual chic combination, a perfect mix of comfortable and trendy. These gals know their fashion, so whether you go with door number one, two three or four, you won’t be wrong.

The glue that holds it all together

When you open any fashion magazine (or tabloid with an airport snap of a celeb) you’ll notice that, regardless of their different styles, they always have one thing in common: killer eyewear. Again, they might be using them as a shield from all the camera flashes, but we have a sneaking suspicion that the true reason behind the abundance of great shades lies in the knowledge that these celebs have, and that is that great sunglasses are the glue that ties an entire outfit together (aside a great bag). Now, if you want to copy a celebrity, you simply must invest in designer shades, and when in the world of glam, Prada sunglasses definitely take first place. From Margot Robbie to Beyoncé, all the A-listers love their Prada, making this your top priority investment.

All ‘bout that bag

If you scroll through Vogue’s airport style list carefully, the one thing that will definitely catch your eye is the abundance of big designer bags. Almost every celeb on the list is carrying one, and there’s a very good reason why big bags are their ‘weapon’ of choice. Aside from being super chic and elevating the outfit, these stylish bags can carry all the plane necessities like sleep masks, moisturizers, carry on makeup kit, perhaps a good book and everything one might need during a flight. Your makeup and freshening up kit is absolutely essential, so make sure you have your lip gloss, your powder foundation for touch ups, your deodorant and antibacterial wipes. You’ll definitely be in need of some good music so don’t forget to bring that along and put it all in your stylish large bag, the key word here being stylish.

What is your airport style must-have? I always pack a pair of sunglasses, a big purse, and a chic jacket.