Top 10 Affordable Clothing Websites

With the holidays upon us, I figured now was the best time to share my favorite and most affordable clothing websites. After all, clothing is one of the most popular gifts. After years of online shopping, I have become a bit of an expert and a collector so I am going to share the best websites to get the biggest bang for your buck.   

1. Pretty Little Thing is a fast fashion website based in the U.K. The prices range from $5-$180 and averages $20-$35. Best of all, PLT always has a discount code.


2. Wish is a popular clothing app based out of China. The clothing items usually range from $1-$50 and average $5-$15. While some customers complain about poor quality clothing and long shipping time, it seems that Wish has improved. In my most recent haul, my orders arrived weeks before they were due and the clothing quality was surprisingly impressive.


3. Kloset Envy is a trendy clothing website run and owned by creative director and Insta-star, Jai Nice. Her unique Jamaican flair is injected into the styling and purchasing for The prices range from $25-$130 and average $40. This is one of my favorite black owned boutiques.


4. Fashion Nova is iconic! I first became a dedicated #NovaBabe when I discovered their fabulous, comfy jeans. I found myself visiting the website day in and day out finding more and more beautiful, form-flattering clothing. The prices range from $20-$150 and average $25-$40. Not to mention, there is almost always a discount code to be found.


5. ASOS is a popular affordable clothing website that offers clothing for every occasion (including wedding attire for both the bride and the groom). The prices range from $10-$600 with an average price of $30-$45. ASOS carries low price brands (like Missguided) and high price brands (like Love Moschino). Not to mention, they offer super fast delivery including 2-day shipping for $12.


6. Shein is a popular fast fashion clothing website based in China. The prices range from $6-$100 with an average price of $20. Shein offers trendy, affordable clothing that are often considered designer dupes. On top of it all, Shein always has a considerable discount code for the entire website.


7. Hope’s is a fabulous small town boutique based in Georgia. The best way to describe their clothing is trendy meets southern belle. The prices range from $30-$55 and shipping is always free!


8. is one of my favorite affordable clothing websites because the name is right in the title, every item is $10 or under. When I discovered the site, I could not believe so much beautiful clothing was priced so cheaply. When my items arrived, I was even more surprised by the quality and durability of the fabric.


9. Amazon is a great website for online shopping although it is considered an unlikely option. Because Amazon is a collection of individual vendors, there are tons of options including name brand clothing and shoes. Shipping is extremely fast through Amazon, especially if you are a prime member. My favorite feature is the customer reviews section where real, verified customers share their photos and detailed opinions on each piece of clothing.


10. Boohoo is a trendy fast fashion website based in the U.K. The prices range from $3-$150 with an average price of $20. Pro Tip: Pay attention to fabric content because some cheaper items are made of thin, spandex material.

What is your favorite affordable clothing website? Where are you shopping for the holidays?