The Best (and the Worst) 2017 Fashion Trends

One thing I love about fashion is that every trend and style comes back full circle. In 2017, we saw the revival of several 70s and 90s inspired trends that made me feel nostalgic, excited, and sometimes repulsed. Today, I will recap the best and worst fashion and beauty trends of this year.


Holographics were very popular this year. Holographic fingernails and accessories were a fun pop of color but holographic clothes and hair were just a bit too much for my taste. I did not get the chance to venture to holographic lip glosses or eyeshadows but I have seen a few beauty gurus really pull off the look.   


Revlon Holochrome Nail Enamel Collection | Charlotte Russe Holographic Choker Necklace | MAC Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolor | Era Home Silver Faux Leather Holographic iPad Envelope Clutch | HOLOGRAPHIC Twosie Long Sleeve Crop and High Waist Circle Skirt Matching Set



Sock boots are a popular 2017 Fall/Winter fashion trend. I love sock boots because they perfectly fit my feet and make a sleek outfit look even chicer! Sock boots come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics but look especially amazing in vibrant colors such as pink, blue, or red with a satin finish or velvet finish.


Steve Madden Women's Lombard Sock Booties | Sam Edelman Calexa Sock Booties | Lucite Heel Sock Booties


Culottes are my least favorite 2017 fashion trend. A select few fashion bloggers and fashion icons have pulled off the culotte looks but for most, these pants are ridiculously unflattering.


*Quiz Burnt Orange Culotte Trousers | Drawstring Ruffle Waist Culotte Pants  


Chokers were an extremely fun accessory I enjoyed experimenting with this year. Once I tried a choker on, I could not get enough of them! No outfit was complete without the perfect choker. While I love the simple velvet and fabric bands, I am especially in love with the beautiful, colorful handmade African and Caribbean chokers that I have been finding on Etsy.


BaubleBar Lydia Velvet Choker |  Black Suede Simple Wide Choker Necklace | Beaded African Choker with Chains | BaubleBar Whitely Choker | BaubleBar Phoebe Choker Necklace

Mini backpacks are having a comeback once again. Back from the 90s and 2000s, this quirky and cute accessory boasts 2017’s trendiest fabrics: velvet, suede, satin, and patent leather. I absolutely love these backpacks because I can free up my hands instead of carrying a purse.


Bp. Mini Backpack Crossbody Bag - Black | T-SHIRT & JEANS T-Shirt & Jeans Cat Mini Backpack | Pink Satin Mini Cross Body Bag | Bp. Mini Velvet Backpack - Black

Off the shoulder tops and dresses are my absolute favorite fashion trends of 2017. I often say, shoulders are the new cleavage! I loved the off the shoulder pieces that were popping up all summer allowing us to show off our glowing skin.

off shoulder.png

Topshop Floral print gypsy shirred crop top

Embroidery was another hot 2017 fashion trend that I quickly fell in love with. Anyone who knows me knows that I am in love with florals so when I first started seeing embroidered clothing, I jumped on the trend! Although it became a bit overdone, I hope embroidery stays for a while.


Rose Embroidered Peep Toe Ankle Booties | Slim-fit Mom Jeans | Topshop Floral embroidered skirt


Which fashion trends are you leaving in 2017? Which fashion trends are you carrying into 2018?

In this video, I discuss the above fashion trends and many more!