Blushing Blooms

On Black Friday, I tried these pants on and loved them! But being that it was America’s biggest shopping holiday, I waited in the checkout line for nearly 45 minutes and barely moved an inch. Fast forward to three months later, I decided to pop into Guess just to see if they still might’ve been there and they were! Stuffed into a sales rack all the way at the back of the store; it’s like the they were just waiting for me to come back.

I decided to experiment with how I’d style such vibrant pants for work. I work at a law firm with a flexible dress code (business casual, no sneakers, jeans are allowed on Friday’s) but I still like to keep my outfits professional and stylish of course.

I layered these pants over an open back dress (yes! That’s a dress under there) and paired with my new favorite maxi cardigan. The outfit was comfy, casual, and cute. I can’t wait to see all the many ways I can style these pants. 

Cardigan: Amazon | Pants: Guess | Shoes: Charlotte Russe


Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries