Top 5 Online Shopping Tips

I’ve been doing video reviews for 3+ years now so I have become a bit of an expert when it comes to online shopping. I can name a brand/store just by seeing their product photo. I online shop so much, my bank sends me a new debit card every 3 months!  I get so many packages, the mailman is my best friend! Okay, you get the point: I’m the online shopping queen. Here are my top tips for successful online shopping:

Research, Research, Research

There are so many resources for website reviews: ask a friend, watch a video, read a blog post, Google, visit review sites ( is one of my favorites). Just don’t forget to research! I say this because there are a few bad sellers who ruin the online shopping experience for everyone. By researching and finding reviews, you reduce your chances of shopping on a sketchy site. Just the other day, a viewer commented on my most popular review video saying “Ugh, wish I'd seen this BEFORE I ordered.”

Side Note: Having an ad on Facebook, Twitter, etc does not make the site trustworthy. Literally anyone can pay for an ad.

Know Your Measurements

 Measure yourself (or have someone measure you) at least 4 times a year. You’ll need your bust, waist, hip, inseam, arm length, and height. Every good clothing website has size charts available so you can compare your measurements and decide which size to purchase (because small, medium, and large just isn’t descriptive enough)!


 Look for the fabric content before adding an item to your cart. So many times, I’ve purchased an item based on how it looks without even paying attention to the fact that it’s made out of cheap products. I once accidentally ordered a “satin” midi skirt that was in reality made out of synthetic plastic (it actually felt like a trash bag)!

Look for Discount Codes

You don’t have to pay full price (and you most likely won’t)! Almost every clothing website offers a discount code for signing up for their email list or liking their Facebook page or using their hashtag. Check the social media pages before purchasing for special codes and/or sales. You can also use coupon websites like RetailMeNot, Groupon, and/or ebates (this is my referral link).

Be Aware of Shipping Times

Most clothing websites list their average shipping times along with their shipping prices on their website (scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click shipping or shipping info). It’s really important to take a look at this because some sites take much much longer than others. For example, living in the United States, I know that anything I order from China is going to arrive to me 20-45 days later (unless I purchase express shipping).

What are your best online shopping tips and tricks? What’s your favorite clothing website?


Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries