What to Wear: A Day at the Florida State Fair

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The Florida State Fair has arrived once again! Being a Tampa resident for nearly a decade now, I have come to look forward to this mid-February delight where the tents go up, the Tilt-A-Whirl starts swirling, and the smell of funnel cake drifts on the breeze. My first thought is always “How soon can I go?!” My second thought: “What should I wear? Comfortable shoes or cute sandals? Shorts or jeans?” Florida weather is a bit unpredictable so I decided to put together a go-to outfit to combat the elements:


Leggings: These are my comfiest and warmest leggings! I wear them for working out or just for a casual outing (as in this instance). They’re thick and versatile so they’re perfect for strolling through the winding lanes of the fairgrounds.  

Lightweight Long Sleeve Tee: A tee like this keeps me warm when it gets breezy and cool when the sun is beating down. I can roll my sleeves up or layer it over a sports bra to better adjust to the changing temperatures.

Sporty Running Shoes: Wearing comfortable shoes is key! I’ll be walking around or standing most of the day so I opted for sneakers instead of my usual sandals.

Accessories: A small backpack will carry the essentials: hand sanitizer, a water bottle, my wallet, keys, and cell phone. It’s lightweight and helps me keep my items wrangled. A hat and dark sunglasses will keep the sun out of my eyes and my hair at bay.     

Are you headed to the State Fair this weekend? What are your style essentials? What is your go-to ride? Mine is the Starship!



Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries