Runway to Retail: Luxe Pajamas

If there’s one thing I love about modern fashion, it’s the nontraditional styles and trends that arise from the billions of sources of fashionspiration. The new era of streetstyle, freelance stylists, and fashion bloggers allows fashionistas like myself to find inspiration almost anywhere. One trend that I’m so happy to see on bloggers and models alike is luxe pajamas.

Three years ago, I’d search ‘pajamas’ on Pinterest and be bombarded with cozy socks, oversized shirts, and slouchy sweatpants. But it seems that even sleepwear has taken on a more luxurious tone. Now, I’m met with silks, satins, and sexy sleepwear that would usually be considered lingerie.

In Your Bedroom

Many have asked, do ‘regular’ people actually wear stuff like this to bed? And to that I answer: We sure do! My fiancé gifted me this teal green satin short + bralet set for Christmas. It’s soft, sexy, comfortable, and my new go-to. Bye bye ratty oversized t-shirt!

In Your Wardrobe

Since fashion is all about taking risks, some brilliant babes decided it was time to make pajamas acceptable outside of the bedroom! I started seeing pajama shirts everywhere: at work, at school, at restaurants. A pajama shirt can be paired with almost any item in your wardrobe but my favorite look is a pajama shirt paired with simple skinny jeans.

Where to Buy

You can find luxurious PJ’s almost anywhere now but I recommend popping into your local thrift shops and boutiques. I found some great vintage pieces on Etsy and at my local thrift stores, a Victoria’s Secret look-alike set (for half of VS’s price) on Missguided (see below), and the afformentioned short set on

What odd or unusual trends have you tried lately? Are you loving or hating the luxe pajamas trend?  


Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries

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