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Recently, I was provided with the unique and exciting opportunity to be styled by Yashica of Shica Chic. Yashica is a personal stylist, blogger, and a fashion fanatic! Her carefully curated outfits and knack for perfecting even the smallest details of a look are what made me so excited to try out her online styling service.

After visiting the Shica Chic website, I was hooked! Amongst the styling services, shoppers can choose from the following: (1) become a monthly subscriber for just $4.99 per month and receive access to all photographed looks on the site (2) become a yearly subscriber for just $59.99 per year and receive access to all photographed looks on the site (3) send the styling team an image of your item and the styling team will create a customized "look" exclusively for you, for only $10!

I chose the final option. I have a few items in my closet that are very difficult to style and I was excited to have a different set of eyes assist me. I submitted a photo of an embroidered pencil skirt I had just received from Pretty Little Thing; I had nothing in my closet that would match it. I sent the image over to the Shica Chic styling team along with a few notes about my personal style (girly and glam), the occasion I wanted to wear this outfit for (date night), and the type of look I was going for. In less than 24 hours, the styling team sent me a full mock up of the look along with links to where I could purchase the items. I was so amped, I may have jumped with joy when I received the email! Now that I’m wearing the outfit, I absolutely love it. The style team selected items that I wouldn’t usually choose for myself and I’m so glad to have someone else assisting me with my styling needs. Yashica and her wonderful style team have made a loyal customer out of me.

Skirt: Pretty Little Thing | Bodysuit: TJ Maxx | Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Click here to submit your own item for styling and click here to become a yearly or monthly subscriber to!        

Read below to see my one-on-one interview with Yashica, the brains AND beauty behind this marvelous operation.

Why did you start your site?

I started my site out of frustration originally with seeing Facebook or Pinterest posts of cute outfits but the posts didn’t have any information on where to buy the clothing.  As I began creating the site I realized how much I missed styling since becoming an attorney and realized styling is where my passion truly is.

What is the purpose of each section of your site?

The sites sole purpose is to give readers an idea of a look that they can then modify for their own personal style. Once you’re a paid subscriber you will have access to view all of our styled looks and decide which items work best for you.  The cool feature about our site is that when you click on the image you are immediately shown the price, sizes, etc. and can purchase the items directly from the retailer.  There is no guess work or long internet searches to try and find out where the items come from.

What is the purpose of the blog author spotlights?

The blog is another way for our readers to connect with our stylists and other bloggers that are also interested in the fashion, style, and beauty industry.  The blog is just a great way of being all inclusive of everyone’s different styles and takes on fashion.

What made you start styling?

I started styling while in college and I always loved it.  After I graduated college I went on to law school and became an attorney.  I’ve always wanted to get back into styling but could never find the right position to combine my legal expertise and styling.  Eventually, I realized if you can’t find the perfect position then create it and was born!

What/who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest style inspiration was my mother.  She was always wearing the latest fashion trends and taking risks with her hair and makeup.  There were many times I didn’t agree with her selections and I would say to her that’s not the way to wear that and she would respond with “I make fashion fit me, not the other way around” I loved that and now when I’m creating a look for a client, I always keep that in mind so that my client is comfortable in any outfit I style for them.

What do you think is the best way for stylists and bloggers to collaborate?

 The lines between a blogger and stylist are starting to mix a little because so many stylists now have their own blogs and vice versa.  I think there should always be this exchange of information between the two of them.  It’s really interesting because I have clients that will read a blog and email saying “hey I want to try to this look because I read about it in a blog” and I have to read the blog and then formulate a look to fit them based off this blog post.  I think it’s very important for stylists and bloggers to collaborate so that we can better serve our clients and in keeping with that I regularly welcome guest bloggers on my site.

Reach out to Yashica and her lovely team any time at and on social media: