7 Reasons Why People Love 70s Fashion

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by FH Wadsworth. I received this belt as payment in exchange for promotion.



Top: Walmart (here)

Jeans: Amazon (here)

Shoes: All Heel The Queen (here)

Belt: FH Wadsworth (here)

When I received this belt from FH Wadsworth, I knew it was perfect for a 70s inspired outfit so I paired it with a fab pair of bell bottom jeans, bright red pumps, and big hair of course (click here to view the outfit of the day video). 70s style is making a comeback once again! There’s something about the 70s that fashionistas like myself just can’t let go of. From bell sleeves to platform pumps, my love for 70s fashion has no bounds. Here are 7 reasons why I love 70s fashion:

  1. 70s style is nostalgic. And everyone loves a bit of nostalgia, especially in fashion.

  2. A rose tinted wonderland. The 70s is a time capsule of flattering hues and shades like mustard yellow, burgundy, rosy pink, and my personal favorite, burnt orange. To top it off, there were plenty of funky and fun patterns to really spice up any outfit.

  3. Show some skin! From hot pants to mini dresses, bralettes to no bras at all, this era was all about showing a bit of skin.

  4. Bells, bells everywhere! If you look at pieces from a 70s wardrobe, you’ll find bell sleeves, bell bottoms, and even dresses and skirts shaped like bells (shift dresses). The bell shape is both flattering and timeless.

  5. Can we talk about these killer accessories? Double Wide headbands, bug-eyed sunglasses, hoop earrings bigger than my skull, floppy hats, and platform pumps for days.

  6. High waists dominated the fashion scene in the 70s. My favorite high waist item is a classic pair of bell bottoms or a jumpsuit that makes legs look miles long

  7. Hair dyed, fried, and laid to the side! You can’t talk about 70s fashion without referencing the crazy hair. If I were alive in the 70s, I would have rocked my hair in a massive fro or messy teased waves.

What's your favorite style era? What's your favorite thing about 70s fashion?


Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries