Charlotte Russe is a clothing store that has been near and dear to my heart ever since the beginning of my fashionista days! I'd run rampant as my parents would let me wander into the store and do my back-to-school shopping. Even into early adulthood, I still feel the same excitement when shopping at CR. On my most recent shopping trip, I was looking for a dress to wear to my college graduation. I visit the CR website time and time again no matter what the occasion. Read on or watch my video review for more details.

Clothing Price 

The pricing is on the low end of the price range which is what I absolutely love! I can easily step into Charlotte Russe and put together a full outfit for less than $50!

Clothing Quality

Although this is a point of contention, I love Charlotte Russe’s clothing quality! There CR are pieces in my closet (specifically a pair of sequined shorts) that have been through the test of time and back but still look good! The coral bodysuit photographed has already been washed nine times but still feels soft and sturdy.

Shipping Time

This order arrived in 5 business days, a previous order arrived in 3 business days, and the longest I’ve waited for a CR package is 7 business days. I am impressed and satisfied!

Shipping Price offers free shipping on all orders over $50 but I received a free shipping code via email so I was one happy camper. Sign up for those email lists and text alerts! They save you a ton of money.

Customer Service

The customer service is excellent both in-store and online! What I love about ordering online is that CR updates me throughout the entirety of my order with shipping and delivery updates.

Do you love Charlotte Russe? If not, what’s your favorite affordable fashion store/website?


Felicia aka Ms. Shopaholic Diaries