Foodie Friday: Caficultura in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Recently, my fiancé and I visited Puerto Rico to do some onsite wedding planning (we are getting married in Puerto Rico next March). We ended up staying at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino in San Juan because our Airbnb turned out to be a nightmare.

Despite our unfortunate Airbnb mishap, we were still determined to enjoy our baecation and ventured out to a local restaurant for breakfast.


This restaurant is a recommendation from my parents who visited Old San Juan last year. My dad is a coffee lover and my mom lives for breakfast so I knew this was going to be a good spot!

Scroll to the bottom to get straight to the food!

The restaurant is small - I bumped elbows with my neighbors multiple times and even shared a cup of sugar.

Outside - There are three outdoor tables (with umbrellas) that seat two people each. Like all of the buildings in Old San Juan, the restaurant is painted a beautiful pastel color (a pale gray blue) and the doorway is decorated to look like the doors of an antique wardrobe. There are two hanging narrow chalkboards on either side of the door: one advertises coffee beans for sale and the other has a cute saying on it.  

Inside - There are between seven and ten tables tiny tables that seat two people each, a long bar that runs the length of the restaurant but only has two chairs, and one booth right next to the front door that seats three to four people. Above the booth is a large chalkboard listing at least twenty coffee and hot chocolate options. The decor and furniture are fairly old but not worn and there is a beautiful chandelier dangling above the dining area. There is a long corridor along the far right side of the dining room - I am assuming it leads to the kitchen.

Customer Service - When we arrived, we were greeted by two friendly waiters who quickly ushered us inside (one of the outdoor tables was available but there was rain in the forecast). We were quickly seated at a very tiny table and served tap water out of a decorative bottle. Our waiter took our drink orders and recommended a coffee.

Our waiter quickly returned with the machiatto and he politely recommended a few breakfast options explaining what sides they came with and the large portion sizes.   

Food - I always research a restaurant before I go so I already knew I wanted the pico de gallo y trocitos de aguacate (scrambled eggs with house made pico de gallo and guacamole).

My fiancé ordered the Mocha pancakes which are infused with espresso. He also ordered a macchiato (can you tell he loves coffee?) but I regrettably opted out of coffee that day because I get the jitters very easily and already had a headache.

We decided to split a side of bacon.

The coffee arrived within minutes in a tiny cup with an even tinier cookie on the side. It was adorable! I dipped the cookie in the macchiato (I am not sure if that is good coffee etiquette) and instantly regretted not ordering one for myself. Simply delicious.

The food arrived very quickly - less than twenty minutes after we ordered!

My order surprisingly arrived with a side of wheat toast which I was very happy to see. My helping of eggs was large enough for two people to split. I scooped some eggs, guac, and pico de gallo onto the slice of toast making a sort of open faced sandwich. It was a very good combination but the eggs on their own were a bit too runny for my taste. The pico de gallo and guacamole were definitely fresh and absolutely delicious! I prefer my guac a bit chunkier but I like that it was smooth enough to spread over the toast.

We loved the Mocha pancakes! They have the perfect hint of coffee taste without being too overpowering - they are still sweet and extremely fluffy. My fiancé was disappointed with the size of the pancakes because the waiter had described them as “huge” but huge pancakes in the states are the size of car tires so I won’t hold that against them.

The bacon was good bacon, nothing to write home about.

Price - Our total would have been less than $30 but that pesky tax (11.5% in Puerto Rico) adds up. I would saying the pricing is just average - it could be cheaper.

Overall, I give Caficultura a 4/5. I really enjoyed the food and the coziness of the restaurant. Will I return next time I am in San Juan? Definitely! I’m looking forward to trying the sweet potato chicken crepes and affogato (ice cream and espresso) next time I’m there.

Have you been to Puerto Rico? Where is your favorite place to eat? What is your favorite Puerto Rican breakfast?


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