How to Purge Your Closet

The perfect way to start a new year is with a clean slate. A tradition that is popular amongst Haitians (like myself) is to clean the house from top to bottom. This has been carried on from generation to generation so I incorporated it into my home by purging my closet. My closet is easily the messiest room in my house so I was more than excited to tackle it.  

Here are a few simple steps to purging your closet and making room for more fabulous pieces:

Step 1: Gather five boxes or totes and label them with the following labels: Keep, Donate, Trash/Recycle, DIY, Alterations.

Step 2: Pull all the clothes out of your closet and start trying them on.

Trash/Recycle: If it is stained or torn beyond fixing, put it in the trash pile.

DIY: If it can be turned into something else (a t-shirt into a crop top or a sweater into a skirt), put it in the recycle pile and plan a day to transform it.

Keep: Ask yourself, “If I were shopping right now, would I purchase this?”. If the answer is yes, put it in the keep pile.

Donate: If it is clean and undamaged but you do not like it anymore, put it in the donate pile.  

Alterations: If it is too big for you, put it in the alterations pile and set a day to take it to the seamstress.

Step 3: Put the pieces in your keep pile back in your closet. This is a great time for you to rearrange your closet (by season, category, color, length, or whatever you like). Put your alterations and donate boxes in the car so you can drop them off next time you are out. Trash the pieces that are damaged or find a local recycling plant that will accept clothing.

There are so many benefits to purging your closet. You are making space for more clothes! You are decluttering your home which is good for your mental and emotional health. And, you are helping people in need. I love donating to  Dress for Success because the organization provides professional clothing to women in need so they can attend job interviews.

What are some of your favorite favorite ways to prep your space for the New Year? Share some of you decluttering tips in the comments.