A Monochromatic Moment

Like most 9-5'ers, Monday mornings are rough for me. I usually drag myself out of bed, stumble towards my closet, and try to pull out something at least half decent to wear. On mornings like this, I go for a monochromatic outfit (an outfit containing or using only one color) because it is easy to throw together but still looks chic! This particular outfit is made out of two of my favorite wardrobe staples: a pencil skirt and a bodysuit. These are items that I try to purchase in every single color so I can mix and match or create monochromatic outfits. 

The gray ribbed bodysuit I am wearing is from Forever 21. I went on a bit of a hiatus from Forever 21 because their customer service was so bad but I recently fell in love with the store all over again; something about the cannot be beat prices keeps dragging me in. I purchased this gray ruched pencil skirt from a fabulous boutique in Hollywood, California. I cannot remember the name and the store does not have a website but it is a short walk (maybe a block or so) from the Chinese Theater. Anyways, a similar skirt can be purchased here. The black faux suede pumps I am wearing are my go-to work shoes purchased on Amazon. Some of my readers may not know this, but Amazon has some great fashion finds! I always find fabulous pieces at affordable prices when I am browsing. I am addicted to my app so when I found out Amazon had clothing, I lost it! These are my go-to work shoes because they are stylish, sophisticated, but most importantly, they are comfortable! I enjoy wearing a higher heel height but I tend to tone it done for 8 hours of work.   

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