My Favorite Blazer

When I first started blogging (seven years ago if you can believe it), one of my favorite style bloggers (Carlinn of the Campsbay Girl blog, formerly the Superficial Girl blog) shared a blog post wearing Zara's hot pink structured blazer. It was one of the hottest pieces of the season and I just knew I had to have it! It sold out six times before I got a chance to purchase so when it finally restocked, I jumped for joy! Just as I was checking out, I saw this fabulous blue blazer along side it and I shouted "treat yo self"! These fabulous blazers quickly became my favorites and staples in my wardrobe. And this purchase made me a Zara fanatic!

What I love about this blazer is that it pairs nicely with almost any outfit and makes it look so much more sophisticated. For example, this tube dress usually looks cheap and flimsy but once I paired it with this blazer, it looked sleek and professional. Not only is it a closet chameleon, it is a timeless piece that I have worn for nearly a decade. And can we talk about quality? Nearly a decade of wear and tear and the piece is still just as vibrant and sturdy.  

Zara no longer carries this exact blazer but the site offers similar pieces here and here. The tube dress I am wearing is a sold pencil skirt I purchased from Boohoo. You can purchase a similar tube dress here. The black beret is thrifted from an estate sale. You can purchase a similar one here. The black faux suede pumps are from Amazon

What is your go to wardrobe staple? What piece would you buy over and over and over again if you could? Share your's in the comments below!

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