Throwback to 90's Fashion: A Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Lookbook

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to create content that was related to nostalgic and iconic black media whether it be TV shows, movies, or music. One of my favorite 90's sitcoms was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I just loved when I would catch reruns and marathons of this show. The comedy, acting, messages, and of course the style kept me captivated episode after episode. During my recent Fresh Prince binge, I was inspired to take a spin at recreating some of the cast's on-screen outfits.

Will Smith 

Will's style was an interesting mixture of eclectic colors and prints with a dash of hip hop street style. His wardrobe included overalls, basketball shoes, electric green tank tops, fanny packs, Timbs, and his ever-present baseball cap. To recreate this look, I paired a thrifted floral blouse with a pair of destroyed denim overalls, and a backwards peach baseball cap.

will example.jpg

Hilary Banks

Hilary's style was iconic to say the least. She was bougie and her wardrobe said so. Hilary is well known for a blazer and mini skirt combo or a killer pantsuit. But we can never forget her signature chapeaus and adorable miniature handbags. 

Hilary Example.jpg
Hilary Example 2.jpg


When Tyra Banks debuted on Fresh Prince, I was ecstatic! Her style and wit matched Will's tit for tat. I loved her tomboy outfits with a fashion foward twist. For this outfit, I paired a men's denim shirt with my favorite Fashion Nova jeans and a thrifted black beret. Beret's were very popular in the 90's and could transcend any style type. 

Jackie Example.jpg

Ashley Banks

I feel like I grew up with Ashley Banks. She went from a little girl to a teen right along with me. Her style was very girly and playful in childhood but as she blossomed into adulthood, her style became more edgy and sometimes a bit risqué. I recreated one of Ashley's most memorable outfits by pairing a checkered mini dress with a black mini dress, finished off with black ankle booties, and a black beanie. Oh how I wish I still owned thigh high socks. 

Ashley Banks Example.jpg

Oh how I love 90's fashion! What TV shows/movies gave you serious style envy? Some more of my favorites are A Different World, Moesha, and Clueless. As if!