The Magic of Unconventional Accessories

I am a self proclaimed thrift shopping queen. I could spend my entire weekend bouncing from thrift shop to estate sale and every vintage spot in between scooping up armfuls of Cosby sweaters and old lady maxi dresses. Thrift shopping truly fulfills my love for retail therapy and creativity. I get so excited to go home and style/recreate my latest finds.

When I go thrifting, I make a point to search for unconventional pieces and accessories - lunchboxes, mismatched earrings, and so on. When I found this wine carrier at a local estate sale, I just knew it would make the perfect purse. It is so roomy and it reminded me of the basket purses that have been trending for the past two or three seasons.

Paired with my go to casual Friday ensemble (cuffed jeans, a nice blouse, and stilettos), this basket bag adds a bit of playful summertime fun to an otherwise simple look. This is also a great bag to carry to the beach or to brunch.