Simple Beauty Choices That We Often Regret

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We’ve all done some things in our lives we wish we could take back. And sometimes, those mistakes are beauty choices that we instantly, or after some time regretted we’ve made. In a world that makes us so focused on our looks, these mistakes can cost us our confidence and a lot of money to fix, which is why it’s the best course of action not to make them at all in the first place! So, what are these mistakes we make, and just in case we’ve already made them, how do we fix them?


Gel Nails

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Gel nails used to be reserved for special occasions and one-time wear. But with their popularity rising, technology improving and prices dropping, they have become something that is constant in many people’s lives. But even after the very first time you take off your gel nails, you will notice your nail underneath is damaged, weak and rough to the touch. Which then brings people to get gel nails again and start the cycle all over again. This is why you shouldn’t constantly wear gel nails, especially if your nails aren’t strong to begin with. Make sure you always give your nails time between two applications to recover and treat them with nail oils. If you want the gel manicure look and endurance, you can look into gel lacquers, which give the same finish but don’t damage your nails nearly as much. Or simply grow your natural nails long and strong and go for a manicure.


Hair Regrets

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We all have moments of impulsiveness, and sometimes we just feel we’re ready for a change, whatever that may be. And for many women, a change in their inner psyche is brought to the surface with a change of hairstyle. But when you see a cut you like on a movie star or in a magazine, be aware that that style might not suit your face, profession or overall style. Not to mention that dyeing your hair excessively can also have a big impact on its quality, growth time and can even cause hair loss. When you are getting your new hairstyle done, make sure that you are thinking through all of your options. There are plenty of apps that allow you to test different hairstyles virtually before actually going through with them. A good idea is to try a wig or some colorful hair extensions (pink hair is so hot right now) if you want to experiment, or just for fun. You can also try mimicking hairstyles with hair gel and bobby pins. Ask the people who are important to you for their opinions and suggestions – the first thing you thought of might not be the best option, and someone might have a better idea. And if you do go through with cutting off a lot of hair and realize the morning after that it doesn’t suit you at all, there are always clip in hair extensions to save the day.


Cosmetic Surgery


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Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is so widespread and available that in some places it is even expected that you have it done. But a lot of people go into it completely blind, ignoring the advice of professionals and not thinking their decisions through. For example, many women who opt for breast augmentation will go for a size two or three times bigger than recommended, and end up regretting their decision when they realize that the size they’ve gone for is not proportional to their bodies and looks unnatural. Things like unprofessionally done lip injections and nose jobs can also ruin someone’s confidence, leaving them with more problems than they went in with. Make sure you’re doing your research on the procedures you want to have, talk to your doctor before going through with it, and make sure you are having it done in a reputable clinic where you know you’ll be in good hands.

Some beauty choices we make will go back to normal after a period of time, but some of them can’t be corrected without a lot of time and money invested. So, next time you feel like making a spur of the moment decision about your body and looks, sit down and think twice, because you may just end up regretting it.

This article was written by Brigitte Evans of High Style Life. Brigitte is an experienced cosmetic skincare consultant with a refreshing outlook on the beauty industry. Be sure to visit her site for more fabulous posts.