The Pencil Dress: My Unofficial Official Work Uniform

As a style blogger, I love to change up my style. During any given week, I can look five or six completely different people - from frilly and girly to glam and chic all the way to dark and moody.


But when it comes to getting dressed for work, I like to keep my work outfits very simple. I work at a law firm where we are not required to wear a uniform but we are asked to dress in business casual. My favorite go-to for work is a simple pencil dress paired with some fabulous heels. It has become "unofficial work uniform" because it is so simple to piece together yet so chic.  I have always lived by the motto "When you look good, you feel good". When I discovered pencil dresses, I just knew they embodied that motto. Somehow, they manage to be slimming, flattering, and still appropriate for the office.