Wave Ya Flag: Culture x Fashion


Haitian Heritage Month has finally arrived! For those of you who are unaware, Haitian Heritage Month occurs every May with an especially momentous occasion, Haitian Flag Day, occurring on the 18th. This month, Haitians come together celebrate our culture and history through various parades, parties, cookouts (yum), and several other events. Haitian Heritage month is especially popular in South Florida/Miami. 

As a Haitian-American style blogger, I could not be more excited to share some Haitian businesses, fashionistas, and all-around moguls with you! This outfit of the day post will be the first in a series of Haitian-themed posts this month.

I want to begin this series by stating that I have not always been so proud and open about my culture and background. When I was younger (in elementary and middle school), I was often bullied for being dark-skinned and for having "nappy hair". When my classmates discovered I was Haitian, they used that to torment me even more - calling me a Haitian booty scratcher (I can laugh at this now) and calling my favorite Haitian comfort foods disgusting. For a long time, I avoided mentioning where I came from even though it was so important to me and my family. 

It wasn't until one beautiful May day in high school, a friend asked me "Where's your flag?" I looked at her confused. She whipped out a Haitian flag bandana and tied it around my hair giving me a bit of a pep talk: "You're Haitian and it's OUR flag day! Celebrate yourself girl!" Ever since, I have worn my flag like the badge of honor it is!

Intertwining my culture and my love for fashion has been such a labor of love for me. Learning about traditional Haitian attire (such as karabela dresses) has allowed me to have a deeper connection with my mother's side of the family and other Haitian women in my industry. This month, I encourage you all to explore your culture in the best and most creative ways you know how - whether it be through fashion, food, or art.