The Ultimate Guide To Styling An Outfit

Playing around with fashion should always be fun. A lot of the time, we can get too serious about it. We overthink what we have available to us, and get too stressed out about how we look. But really, dressing up is meant to be enjoyable. So it’s time to take the stress out of the situation and to think about what you can do to start styling your outfits in a more exciting and simple way. Because you’re always going to have the right pieces in your wardrobe - you just need to know what to do with them. So if you’re tired of freaking out in the mornings before work or last minute before a big occasion. Here’s all you need to know about styling your perfect outfit.

1. Decide On Your Approach


A lot of the time, the reason you freak out so much about pulling a look together is that you start in the wrong way. You think that you have nothing to wear, you hate everything, and you don’t get anywhere. So, instead of taking the negative approach, you’re going to work out how you want to look for the occasion in mind. Whether it’s a wedding or work, think about whether you want to look professional or cute, sophisticated or laid-back. Then, you’ll be able to select the right pieces for the look.


2. Choose A Starting Point

Now that you know what you’re going for, it's time to pick out your starting point. Think about the wardrobe essentials you have such as and pick one item to build up from. Whether it’s a shoe or a dress, you need that one thing that you’re basing your outfit around. It’s always easy to start this way and then build up.

3. Layer


Next, you then need to start laying up. This means that you’re going to want to take that dress you chose and find a jacket. Then you need shoes. Or the pants you picked - you’ll want a shirt, then a jacket. If you did start with the shoes, then your possibilities are endless, as you can have a lot of fun with the clothing choices that you make next.


4. Accessorize Well


You then need to think about how you’re going to accessorize the look. But not only with a bag and shoes, but jewelry such as too. You’ll often find that jewelry always sets your look off and makes the outfit feel pretty much finished.


5. Finish With Beauty


Then, just when you think your outfit is almost complete, you’re going to want to go in with your beauty choice. You may not even realize that you’re not done. But it’s incredible how much your makeup and hair can really complete your look. So make sure that when you’ve got the bulk of the outfit together, you're then thinking about hairstyles and makeup looks that are going to work out best for your look. Then, you will find that your full look is complete.