Weak Spots Where Wrinkles Strike First

The signs of aging don’t all come around at once, or suddenly. Time works slowly, and it’s always certain particular spots of your skin that start to give way to it at first. Some of the first signs of aging can be some of the most noticeable, too. Here, we’re going to look at some of the weak spots that wrinkles hit first, and what you can do to beat them back for a little longer.


Your eyes

Crow’s feet, eyelid droop, and bags under the eyes are one of the signs of aging that even young women have to start concerning themselves with. A mix of gravity and environmental stressors mean that your eyes tend to be the first thing to go the way of wrinkles. One way to prevent that is to protect it from those environmental stressors. For instance, choosing the right sunscreen and wearing a little on a daily basis, not just on super-hot days, can help prevent wrinkles.

Your mouth

We all love to smile, but our mouths don’t seem to be too thrilled when we’re too expressive. Smile lines and lip wrinkles are another of the first common signs of aging and are particularly likely to hit if you have certain habits like smoking or drinking with straws. Stopping the smoking, if that’s your particular habit, is always a good idea. But you should also ensure that you’re applying moisturizer every night, helping to lock in the hydration that keeps your skin feeling and looking a lot smoother.


 Your neck

From vertical lines to Venus wrinkles, necks tend to age first because gravity continuously pulls down on the excessive amount of skin there. You can’t spend your entire day lying down and avoiding gravity, but you can products like neck firming cream. Not only does it do as the name suggests, but it offers an improved skin tone, hiding the slight color differences between wrinkled parts and non-wrinkled parts. There are face and neck exercises you can do every day to help keep the skin there taut, as well. Posture plays a large role, too. For instance, if you work at a desk and computer, trying to avoid tilting your head downwards to look at the screen and keep your head upright.

Your chest

The skin on your chest is thin and delicate. Like the neck, it’s also particularly stressed by gravity. Altogether, this makes it significantly more vulnerable to wrinkles. All the tips above apply to the chest just as much as the rest of the body, but you should also consider your diet and how it affects your skin. For instance, certain vitamins like vitamin C and its derivatives have been shown to help plump the skin, as well as lightening sun spots.

You can’t stop yourself from aging, but you can take good care of your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, keep skin feeling firmer, and avoid the most noticeable signs of growing older for at least a little longer.