How to Accessorize an All Black Outfit

There’s no denying that fashionistas all over the world love a good all-black-outfit. It is classic, simple, elegant, sexy chic, and slimming all at the same time. But sometimes, we need to add a twist or pop to an otherwise classic wardrobe staple.

Add a bit of your personal style to your all-black-outfit by adding subtle pops of color using your favorite accessories. To make the outfit below fit my personal style better, I added a hot pink jelly bag (hello fellow 90’s babies), handmade waist beads from my Nigerian best friend, and lace up wedges with adorable little colorful pom pom embellishments all over the foot.

How do you add your personality to your outfits?

Photo May 03, 8 36 34 PM.jpg
Photo May 03, 8 34 44 PM.jpg
Photo May 03, 8 35 00 PM.jpg