Brew City: The Top Beer Destinations In America

The state of Florida is an amazing place to try craft beers. From Tampa down to Miami, there is a host of breweries and microbreweries which produce quality stuff. But, to say it’s the capital of the country is a reach. No matter how much Floridians love their beer, there is a big, bad world out there full of liquor. And, you don’t have to travel to Britain or Australian to experience the taste. You can do it here in the US by choosing the best beer hotspots.


For inspiration, here are four which may tickle your fancy. Don’t worry because there is a lot more where they came from.


Asheville, North Carolina


Asheville is a student city, so it’s bound to have great beers and it doesn’t disappoint. In fact, the state as a whole produces some amazing alcohol thanks to the city of Raleigh which is not too far from Asheville. In the city limits alone, there are fifteen breweries all with their unique take of brewing. The Green Man is one of the oldest and best establishments in town thanks to its transformation in recent years. It used to be an English-style pub but has perfected the art of American craft ales. And, it’s located downtown so it isn’t far from the center.

Portland, Oregon


Americans sleep on Portland because there are other, more popular destinations. Everyone wants to go to Florida or New York or LA as they’re cool and hip. Well, Portland is all of these things which being ostentatious or in your face. And, there is no better way to enjoy a beer while soaking in the atmosphere. You could ask for specific recommendations, and you’d be within your rights. However, the fact this city has the most breweries of any city on the planet means you should do some research. You’ll one-hundred percent have fun in the process!

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The Great Lakes

The cities and towns in this region are similar to Portland – they have lots to offer but go under the radar. However, Grand Rapids, Michigan, didn’t in 2014 when it was named the best beer town in the country. Like the others, there is a host of places to choose from, but the accolade was mainly due to the likes of Grand Rapids Brewing Co. and Brewery Vivant. Further a field in Missouri you’ll find everything from a family operated winery to a microbrewery, so the region has all the bases covered. Come on, people – when in Rome.

San Diego, California


SD is famous for Seaworld and Ron Burgundy, not beer. Still, it doesn’t stop it from hosting the San Diego Beer Week every year in November. Thanks to the weather, it’s still a pleasant time of year to try new ales. Oh, and there are the beer trolley trains to experience, as well as the beer breakfast. Because it’s a ten-day celebration, there is no way you won’t have a whole heap of fun.


Are there any you would like to add to the list?