How to Wear Bell Bottoms in 2018

Fashion is essentially a hyperactive cycle which is why we see trends like boyfriend blazers and pastels come and go quicker than the speed of light. As eras shift, we tend to label trends based on the height of their popularity. We’ve all caught ourselves saying “that’s so 90’s!” or “her hair is so 80’s”. And I love that we can appreciate these nostalgic trends again and again. That’s why I instantly fell in love with these bell bottom jeans when I discovered them while scrolling through Instagram. As a 90’s baby and a fashion blogger, I of course have a favorite era in fashion but my wardrobe contains pieces from every single one. Pulling style inspiration from vintage magazines, old yearbooks, and movies is one of my favorite past times so my personal style is truly a mixed bag of my favorite pop culture references (hence the Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill tee-shirt).

Photo Sep 25, 12 25 36 AM.jpg

Some may find era pieces difficult to style but I have a few fool proof tips for styling bell bottom jeans among other 70’s fashion trends.

One important factor is the shoes. When wearing bell bottoms, you either want to wear super high heels or flat sandals to account for the width and the length of the wide legs. I paired these bell bottoms with platform wedges but they can also be worn with flat sandals or you can go barefoot if you don’t mind the hems dragging a bit. The hem of these pants are already frayed to look distressed so I don’t mind them dragging.

Photo Sep 25, 12 27 11 AM.jpg

Secondly, you have to find the perfect top to go with bell bottom jeans. For a casual look, pair with a tee shirt (skin tight, loose, or cropped) and for a business casual look, pair them with a button down blouse, a tunic or a wrap top.

Photo Sep 25, 12 27 11 AM (1).jpg

Finally, do not forget to accessorize! To complete this outfit, I donned a vintage silk scarf and aviator sunglasses (the ultimate 70’s accessories).

Photo Sep 25, 12 33 38 AM.jpg