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As a young black woman, I readily support and promote black owned businesses. By clicking on this article, you’ve expressed your interest to do the same and I’d like to make it as easy as possible for you. In an effort to combat the negative attitude caste on black owned businesses (some shoppers citing lack of professionalism and high prices), I created this directory to share some of my favorite black owned businesses that I have vetted and that I frequently purchase from.  I have listed quite a few that carry quality products, exhibit excellent customer service, and create work and wealth for black employees! Enjoy!


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Accent Styles Boutique

Accent Styles Boutique offers beautiful, handmade clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home goods handmade in Kenya. A portion of their proceeds are donating to school supplies for children in Kenya.

Testimonial: My favorite crossbody purse (photographed here) is from ACB. It is sturdy, vibrant, and so gorgeous! I also own quite a few pieces of unique jewelry that always gets me compliments. Click here to watch my video review.


Alero Jasmine

Testimonial: I ordered a gorgeous two-piece set from Alero Jasmine. The customer service was excellent and the shipping was quick despite the package coming all the way from the UK!


Testimonial: I ordered a super cool, custom Hillman College backpack from CustomizedGoody. It is so stylish and sturdy. AND it arrived two weeks prior to the expected arrival.

Cutely Covered 

Testimonial: Cutely Covered is one of my favorite boutiques! They carry fabulous, fun, colorful clothing. I purchased these bell bottom jeans (photographed left) from their site and they are easily my favorite pair of jeans - they are so soft AND flamboyant! Click here to watch my video review.

Junae Fit

Testimonial: I purchased two activewear sets from this site. They are colorful, sturdy, and so stylish!

Kloset Envy 

Testimonial: Kloset Envy is my go-to for sexy, form-fitting clothing! My favorite pair of lounge pants are the iconic A$$ pants I purchased from KE a few years back. Click here to watch my video review.


Testimonial: I recently purchased these floral culottes (they’re so cute, I bought one in each color) from Kosmios. They prices are affordable, the shipping is FAST (it arrived in less than a week), and the pieces are quality! Video review coming soon!

Legendary Rootz 

Testimonial: Some of my favorite sassy tee-shirts are from LR! Click here to watch my video review. And click here to listen to the owner of Legendary Rootz discuss her journey on the first episode of my podcast!

Pink Moon Loungewear  

Testimonial: I loveeee Pink Moon’s sexy loungewear! They make me feel like an IG baddie just lounging around my apartment. Click here to watch my video review.


Alikay Naturals

Alikay Natural carries herbalistic natural hair and body products such as detanglers, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, hair perfumes, body butters, body washes, and much more!

Testimonial: I used the Knots Be Gone Hair Detangler. I absolutely love the scent and the amount of slip it gives my natural hair makes it SO much easier to detangle in the shower.


A natural non-white residue sunscreen brand for women of color.

Testimonial: This sunscreen is moisturizing and non-greasy. My favorite sunscreen of all time!



Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place carries eye shadows, lipsticks, highlighters, and makeup brushes.

Testimonial: I purchased several Juvia’s Place eye shadow palettes as gifts. The vibrance and lasting power of the gorgeous vibrant pigments makes this brand stand out as one of my favorites.

Kreyol Essence

Kreyol Essence is the home of Haitian Black Castor Oil. The products are 100% natural + ethical beauty products made in Haiti. They carry shampoos, conditioners, hair + body butters, hair masks, hair milk, scalp treatments, facial cleansers and facial oils, body cremes, body washes, bar soaps, and body oils.

Testimonial: Kreyol Essence’s black castor oil has become a staple in my hair care routine. It is an excellent sealant for moisturizer and makes my hair feel so much stronger!

i.e. Spa Indulgences

i.e. Spa Indulgences carries various delicious-smelling,handmade bath and body products such as bath bombs, bath soaks, body butters, body wash, dead sea salt scrub, deodorant, face masks, face cleansers, lip balm, sugar scrubs, fragrance oils, massage candles, massage oils, moisturizers, and soaps. And just when you thought that wasn’t enough, your home will be smelling just as wonderful as you are, they also carry home sprays, diffuser oils and scented candles.

Testimonial: So far, I have tried the dreamy mango and papaya massage candle (yes, you read that right), the balancing Jamaican Me Crazy dead salt sea scrub, and the seductive Jamaican Me Crazy Fragrance Oil. The feel and smell AMAZING! Video review coming soon!



GleeMade - Synthetic Wigs

Testimonial: I love GleeMade’s wigs! They are voluminous and long lasting. Click here to watch my video review.

Health & Wellness

The Honey Pot Company

The Honey Pot company carries plant based feminine care products that boast the ability to make periods less painful.

Testimonial: I tried the Honey Pot Company’s tampons and they definitely made my cramps less painful. I am excited to try the feminine washes and other products.

This directory will be updated periodically as I shop with more black owned businesses Please visit my YouTube channel to see detailed review videos.

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