Black Owned Business Directory

As a young black woman, I readily support and promote black owned businesses. By clicking on this article, you’ve expressed your interest to do the same and I’d like to make it as easy as possible for you. In an effort to combat the negative attitude caste on black owned businesses (some shoppers citing lack of professionalism and high prices), I created this directory to share some of my favorite black owned businesses that I have vetted and that I frequently purchase from.  I have listed quite a few that carry quality products, exhibit excellent customer service, and create work and wealth for black employees! Enjoy!


Accent Styles Boutique

Alero Jasmine

Cutely Covered 

Kloset Envy 

Legendary Rootz 

Pink Moon Loungewear  


Juvia’s Place - Makeup and brushes, gorgeous vibrant eye-shadow palettes 

Kreyol Essence - Home of Haitian Black Castor Oil, 100% Natural + Ethical Beauty Products from Haiti

i.e. Spa Indulgences - I purchased a massage candle (yes you read that right) from Renee and it smells (and feels) heavenly!


GleeMade - Synthetic Wigs

This directory will be update periodically as I shop with more black owned businesses Please visit my YouTube channel to see detailed review videos.

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