How To Book A Last Minute Vacation

Most of us would love to pack out bags and jet off abroad to a beach resort at a moment’s notice. Last minute deals can make the idea all the more tempting – many hotels and airlines will slash their cost considerably a week before in order to fill up empty seats and rooms. Unfortunately, many of us have commitments that hold us back from booking a spontaneous trip overseas. However, there could be ways to get around these commitments and still take advantage of last minute vacation deals – here are just some tips for making a last minute vacation possible.

Book the time off in advance, book the destination last minute

One option is to simply book the time off in advance and then wait a week before to book the vacation and grab a last minute deal. You can still keep an element of spontaneity by doing this – whilst you’ll know ahead that you’re taking a vacation, you won’t know exactly where you’re going until the week before. This can be a bit of a risk as you can never be certain that there will be deals that you want on offer during your allotted time.  However, this strategy does allow you to warn your employer or make other plans such as booking a dog-sitter or getting someone to look after the house.

Take a weekend break

Another option could be to simply take a short break over a weekend. If you usually work weekdays, this could allow you to still go on vacation without having to book time off in advance, allowing you to be more spontaneous. Because you’ve only got two days, you’re best choosing somewhere local so that you don’t spend ages travelling. This could be a city break or perhaps a camping trip.

Consider funding options

Whilst last minute deals can be very cheap, not everyone will still be able to afford these vacations out of pocket. An advantage of booking a vacation advance is the ability to pay in instalments so that’s it’s not such a large upfront cost. Try looking into low interest rate loans in order to pay for these last minute deals – even with the added interest you’ll still be saving money overall compared to were you to book a vacation in advance. You shouldn’t ordinarily borrow money to go on vacation, by financially this can actually save you money so long as you’re sensible with how much you borrow.

Check the weather

A great perk of booking last minute is the ability to check the weather forecast beforehand and get a more accurate idea of what the climate could be like. If you’re looking for an out of season beach vacation, you can check various destinations to see what the weather is like and avoid those that are forecasted for rain. Similarly, when booking a last minute ski vacation, you can check which destination have the best snow.

Avoid destinations that require jabs

You may want to avoid destinations that require vaccinations. These must be taken weeks beforehand, which is something you won’t be able to do when booking last minute. Unless you’re willing to take the risk, stick to countries where vaccinations aren’t needed.