Tips For Dressing With Body Confidence

Fall is here and while many of us will be celebrating the opportunity to indulge in pumpkin spiced everything and looking forward to the arrival of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are some who’ll be celebrating for different reasons. They’ll be celebrating because all around them people are starting to wrap up a little warmer as a chill creeps into the air. “Thank goodness!” they’ll think “now I can legitimately hide my body away from the world”. In the social media era, there’s more pressure than ever for us to look perfectly beautiful at all times under all circumstances. And this can only exacerbate things about ourselves that we’re not happy with.

But rather than use the fall season as an excuse to cover yourself up and hide from the world, make this the season where you start to experiment with dressing to improve your body confidence- learning to fall in love with your shape and even developing the confidence to let more of yourself show. 

It’s not going to come overnight!

The first step is learning to see yourself as a work in progress. You might not find yourself with the confidence to strut down the street flaunting your gold belly button rings overnight. Nonetheless, with a little know how and a lot of patience with yourself, whatever your size and shape you can dress your way to feeling confident, beautiful and sexy all year round. 

Know your body

We human beings have a tendency to push things to the back of our minds when they frighten or upset us. But when we don’t confront them, they can grow and distort, taking a bigger and bigger toll on our mental health. 

As uncomfortable as the prospect may be, the first step toward self-actualization and self-love is getting to know your body again. Understand its shape and the beautiful features that make it unique. The better you know these, the better equipped you’ll be to make complementary choices. And the less likely you are to try things on and be grievously disappointed with how they look in the mirror.

Make the right color choices

We all have a color (or a set of colors) that makes us shine. That color depends on our skin, hair and eye coloring but when we wear it, it just makes everything look… right. For some it’s bright red, for others it’s coral pink and for others it’s simple blacks, whites and grays. This page has some useful advice on finding the best colors for you. 

Talk to professionals

Body confidence isn’t just about clothes. It’s about how we see ourselves. And that can take time to readjust. We’ve spent years getting into the bad habits that cause us to lose confidence in ourselves. We might need some help getting ourselves back. There are professionals you can turn to, from therapists to personal shoppers who can guide you on the journey to learning to love yourself. 

Start building up to making bold choices

Finally, they say that when you’re shopping for new clothes you should make at least one choice that scares you a little. Don’t be afraid to shop outside of your comfort zone. It’s often the out of left field choices that wind up becoming our favorites.