There’s A Problem – I Want To Travel And Protect The Planet

Traveling is a rite of passage for anyone who dares to take the plunge. But, the planet isn’t in great condition at the moment. Pollution, plastic and CO2, is melting the ice caps and destroying the seas. The epic sights that we travelers want to see are disappearing without a trace. The worst part is that the lifestyle adds to the problem. Everyone knows flying thousands of miles to foreign countries releases tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And, because of the excitement of the trip, our moral compass isn’t set to the north.


Thankfully, here are four methods to practice responsible, eco-friendly travel.


Ramble About Walking


Home is comfortable and familiar. As a result, it’s not rare to get behind the wheel and drive places instead of walking. It’s quicker, less hassle, and fits into the lifestyle. Traveling is a different dynamic. There isn’t as much pressure to get places because you have all the time in the world. Plus, you don’t have a car sitting in the driveway. Walking, then, is simple and easy and incredibly healthy. Sure, long distances require transport, but the short ones are within walking distance as long as there are plenty of water and snacks. Try and resist the urge to hail a cab, too, as it will reduce demand and get cars off of the road.

See The Sights Responsibly


When you think about Queensland, Australia, what springs to mind? The answers will differ, but the Great  Barrier Reef will feature prominently. In fact, reefs around the world are in demand because we want to marvel at the beauty of the oceans. And, there are lots of them from Apo and Tubbataha to Molasses Reef. Snorkeling and scuba diving damage the area beyond repair, so tourism only adds to the problem. However, responsible tour companies do exist and they do their best to limit the damage. For example, they’ll run once or twice a day to reduce the traffic. Do your research before paying.

Get Serious About Conservation


It’s easy to say you are passionate about the environment without doing anything to help. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Well, traveling is the ultimate place to get your hands dirty because exotic countries tend to have animals and regions in need of help. Thailand is home to hundreds of elephant sanctuaries which aim to nurse them back to health and release them into the wild. On islands in the Indian Ocean, people are collecting trash off the beaches to save the ecosystem. You can join the fight and make a difference.



Traveling is about going abroad and experiencing new customs and cultures. The last part is true, but the first part is all wrong. There is no need to leave the US to get your fill of the weird and wonderful. It’s everywhere you look, as long as you glance in the right places. A staycation eliminates air pollution and helps you to understand your homeland better.


What more reasons do you need to stay put this summer?

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