Why Is Work Fashion So Manly & Mundane?

There’s always been an argument in the fashion world whether you can be stylish at work, or stick to the safe but mundane culture of dressing smart? For men, it's been quite easy, as dressing traditionally has never been surpassed by any other style, not even the recent smart casual outfits. However, for women, who have only recently entered the workforce in large numbers i.e. the 1960s-70s, there’s never been this traditional attire. This has been fantastic for fashion gurus and designers, as women’s fashion can now be explored and changed for work. Women don’t have to stick to a certain color palate like men do, we can be much more experimental and inject more of our own personality into how we dress for work. You can be subtle, complementary and of course, stick to a classic beauty style if you want. Regardless of which path you choose, you need not be mundane.

Shifting while shifting

Men have multiple pieces of clothing they wear to work in order to look formal. They have trousers, belts, ties, cufflinks, tie clips, waistcoats and the list goes on. This is true for formal dinners, whereby they wear three-piece suits. And what is the woman wearing? A dress that is sleek and elegant. However, for work, the overly elegant style has to be shunned in order to be slightly more formal. It is very possible to wear a dress to work and not look out of place. For example, the shift dress is notorious for ticking all the right boxes for a professional woman that works in an office. She can wear it with confidence as its shape is slightly blunt, not elevating her curves too much, still hugging her figure but generously space upward toward the shoulders. The shift dress can be highly accessorized also. You can wear it with a belt, ruffled shoulders, buttons, zips and much more. It's recommended to stick to bold tones such as blues, greys and blacks but you can most definitely scrap that piece of advice and get wild with greens, oranges and reds.

Skirt and tie


It's strange to think about but, the schoolgirl outfit is not something that we believe can be replicated anywhere else. However, like a girl to a woman, this kind of style has grown into its own. Wearing a skirt and tie is a cross between being formal, and informal. If you’re confident with your figure and want to be able to blend into the workforce, wear a skirt that is snug but not tight. This should be a slightly thicker and longer skirt to the point that you can choose leather or cotton and have it start at your hips and end just above the knee. Going along with this, get playful tie from John Henric ties that goes along with a colored or white shirt. You can match this outfit with a blazer if you wish, but just going alone with this kind of outfit, will mix into any office with no issue. Yet, it's fun and blasts the notion of work fashion being manly and mundane into space.

No, you don’t have to be too formal at work. You can however, be playful and mix being casual and smart at the same time. Playing with colors and fabrics is just as fun as pulling off a dress and necktie in a professional setting.