How To Bring On The Bling (Without Overdoing It)

Who doesn't love a bit of bling? Wearing those sparkly pieces of jewelry or sequinned jackets and shoes can really help you ooze style, but care does need to be taken. If you overdo it, you will take attention from what you are trying to showcase, and (whisper it) you might look a little garish! When it comes to bling, a little bit of taste is key.

Here are some rules that are worth following.

1. Reflect your personality

Any bling you wear should reflect who you are. Choose a brand that reflects your personality, and not something that may have looked good on somebody else. We aren't saying you shouldn't wear what you want, but sometimes it seems unnatural when an introverted person wears those loud pieces of jewelry - large, dangly earrings for example - when perhaps a more subtle piece would be more fitting. The reverse is true for an extrovert when those larger, chunkier pieces more readily fit their personality.

2. Don't empty your jewelry box

You don't have to wear everything! When you're getting ready for a night on the town or for a party, you understandably want to impress. But choose those pieces that you want to show off, and go sparingly on anything else. If you are already wearing a spangly outfit, you may not need to add any other bling at all. If you are wearing large statement earrings, don't then wear a large necklace as you are in danger of overdoing it. It's about balance. Choose one area as the focus and practice the minimalist look everywhere else.

3. Follow the 3-Bling rule

As a follow-on from the above, the 3-Bling rule is a helpful way to achieve a dramatic effect to your look. It's about creating that balance without the overload that too much bling can create. We aren't going to go into detail on this as you can see examples of the rule at the article printed here, It's a simple rule but very effective when you're trying to rock that perfect look.

4. Invest in quality

We don't all have the budget to buy something as elegant as a designer diamond ring,, but you don't want to purchase items of jewelry at too low a price. Not only will they lack in durability, but they can also come across as tacky. There are plenty of designer brands that won't break the bank, from the minimalist gold jewelry of Laura Lombardi to the designer accessories of Ted Baker, so shop around and invest in statement pieces that won't embarrass you when you're out and about.

5. Be mindful of trends

The trend is to go all Markle Sparkle at the moment, with many people favouring yellow gold jewelry to stay in fashion, However, you don't need to follow the latest color craze. Your bling needs to match the clothes you wear, so only opt for those colors that compliment your outfit, rather than trying to force something together that will ultimately attract attention to you for all the wrong reasons!