Bling Up Your Accessories

The art of bling is almost as old as humanity itself. Throughout the centuries, tribal chiefs, princes and kings, noblemen and finally self-made individuals are relied on expensive and ostentatious styles to highlight their privileged status. You need only a glance at the portraits of the famous royals in history to feel blinded by bling –  the French King Louis the 14th was especially prone to indulge in everything that shone; the lasting result being the famous Château de Versailles south of Paris, France.

In those days, bling was perceived as a sign of taste and respectability. Unfortunately, after going through a negative image during the late 80s and 90s, bling has yet to reclaim its stylish reputation. Can you go bling without being laughed at? The answer is yes, as long as you understand how to make the most of it. The essence of modern bling fashion is in creating a bold accent that attracts the eye. We’re far from the world of Louis the 14th when gold, marble, and velvet were the mandatory go-to outfit. Nowadays, bling finds its strength in subtlety. If you’re looking for precious-looking inspiration to give your style a Versailles-esque je-ne-sais-quoi, here’s all you need to bling up your accessories.

A little bling can go a long way

First of all, let’s clarify bling these days. The rule number one – and the only rule you’ll ever need – is not to overdo it. The bling sector is thankfully varied enough to offer something that will suit most people. Whether you pick chunky pieces or a subtle item, opt for something that reflects your mindset. You will feel and look uncomfortable if you end up with an extravagant item that doesn’t suit your introverted personality, for instance. Not overdoing it also means that you shouldn’t wear all your blings at the same time – unless you’re going for the Christmas tree look, of course. Not everything that shines is pretty, and too much bling can simply destroy your look. More experienced fashionistas refer to the rule of 3 when it comes to balancing bling in their outfits. Ultimately, it’s about making the most of your accessories – or even bling clothes if you’re feeling bold! – without taking over your entire look. In short, with bling, less is more.

Make it selfie-worthy

You always have it with you. It lies on the table when you’re in a restaurant and on your desk when you’re in the office. It’s in your hand for the rest of the time. What is it? Your smartphone – bonus point if you guessed right. Mobiles are an integral part of your everyday routines, and consequently, have earned the right to get blinged up to complete your outfit. You have a variety of choices to make the most of your phone, from cute iphone marble cell phone cases to precious Swarovski crystal cases. A sleek phone case is the ideal solution as it provides protection without damaging anything that comes near it – while a chunky crystal-made case could tear the threads of your favorite clothes each time you hold it close to you. In fact, phone cases have become such an iconic addition to most fashionistas’ outfits that even brands such as Louis Vuitton are offering trendy cases. As a rule of the thumb, aim for a protective and pretty case.

Low-key party shoes

Party shoes have always been something to look forward to. But party shoes you can wear all the time are the new definition of bling shoes. And take the words of trendsetters on it, the new bling is all about shoes! Velvet, satin, shiny additions, feathers and even golden hues, your feet are out to make an impression. What’s the secret of shoes you can wear all day long? They are comfortable! The new party shoes are mostly flats or on medium block heels, ensuring that you can look bling without bleeding feet.

Such precious hairstyles!

What’s a bling hairstyle? If you’re thinking about Versailles, you might be tempted to believe that a powdered wig is all you need to shine. In reality, you need to visualize the Glorious 1920s and 1930s, during which hair jewelry was common practice. Short, medium and long hairstyles can have a lot of fun with precious looking headbands – complete with feather, fake stones and crystals – that can create a sophisticated look in a matter of minutes! Combined with subtle makeup and a cute necklace, you’ve got your bling look sorted for a night out.

Golden eyes

Who loves smokey eye makeup? There’s a wonderful sense of glamour when you give your eyes the full smokey treatment. However, if you’re still using shades of black and gray, then you’re missing out on a cute bling alternative. Indeed, rose gold and gold are in the process of taking over the catwalk’s makeup, creating luxurious and precious looks. Change your smokey palette for a rose gold edition with golden hues that will give you a glow like nothing before.

Expensive looking bags

Ah, handbags! Depending on you like it, they’re either getting smaller or bigger. Consequently, it’s a good idea to make your next handbag the go-to bling accessory for all low-key outfits. There’s no need to break the bank. You’ll be pleased to find plenty of affordable options in your preferred high street stores. Topshop and Oasis offer shiny and feminine little bags and clutches that are perfect for a party outfit, or to spice up your office wear!

Show me your socks

Socks and bling might not be the most obvious association, but they do work! Cropped pants and culottes set the accent on your footwear, giving you the room to be playful in your choices. Bright, bold or even shiny socks are the perfect luxury addition to your urban style. Think of it as the natural evolution of Louis the 14th’s favorite outfits; a bold mixture of richly colored and velvety fabric. You can use your socks to bring Versailles back to life!

Blinging up your outfits can be tricky if you’re not ready to abandon your favorite, timeless pieces for bold and vibrant clothes. But you can create a similar effect with the right mixture of accessories, from your phone case to your socks.