How to Wear Snake Print - 2019's Top Fashion Trend

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Who doesn’t love a fun print? Animal prints have erupted onto the fashion scene recently, especially snake print which is easily the top 2019 fashion trend! Yet another 90’s fashion trend that has made a return to the forefront, snake print is a pattern that we are quite familiar with. So let’s take a note from our past and do snake print the right way. Too much can be tacky but just enough is pleasing to the eye.    

Start Small (Mini to be Exact)

It’s common for most to be hesitant when it comes to jumping headfirst into trends. My favorite tip is to start small. If you want to test out snake print in your wardrobe without looking garish, try out cute little handbag, a belt, or even a mini skirt. I styled this snake print mini skirt with a simple white turtleneck for a glam, casual chic vibe.

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By starting small, you can figure out what types of snake print work well with your skin tone and personal style. I absolutely love bright colors so I will definitely be trying a bright red or blue snake print very soon.  

Shop Vintage

Trending pieces can be quite pricey as their demand increases rapidly. Don’t even get me started on the price of berets at the moment!

To add some quality snake print pieces to your wardrobe, try to find vintage pieces on Etsy or at estate sales. I’m sure someone’s aunty is willing to let go of some fabulous snake print boots. This way, you are testing out a new trend without breaking the bank.

Sidenote: You will find better quality pieces by shopping vintage instead of scooping up cheap, polyester pieces. I have found some of my favorite genuine leather pieces while shopping vintage.    

Upgrade Your Outerwear

For the bolder fashionistas, testing out a new trend is just part of the territory. For those of you willing to dive in headfirst, this fun snake print trench coat is a great way to add flair to any outfit. I would pair it with leather thigh high boots and a playful top handle handbag.     

Add some sass to your shoe collection

My favorite way to test out a new trend is to get playful with the shoes. I have seen snake print ankle booties and fabulous flats all over the cyberspace! I cannot wait to get my hands on some. They are perfect for dressing up a simple all black outfit or adding another dose of flair to an already-colorful outfit - picture black and white snake print boots paired with a canary yellow dress.

You can use these simple tips to stay on top of all the 2019 fashion trends! Incorporate them into your shopping list today for the fabulous year ahead!

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