Get Ready For The Day Without Taking Hours

Oh, the pains we go through in order to preserve our youth and beauty. Not only can it be expensive but it can also be extremely time-consuming. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be. Here, we’re going to look at the eternal problem of the morning beauty routine and just a few simple steps you can take to cut that time down by a third or more.

Organize that space

First of all, you need to ask yourself how much of your time is spent looking for that one product that you swore was here yesterday but has seemingly disappeared. Unless you have a foundation thief in the home (which is always a possibility), it’s likely that your beauty station is so disorganized that finding anything becomes a chore. There’s a huge range of makeup organizers and storage as shown here at Allure that can help you put everything nice and neat in its place, so you never have to rummage again.

Make beauty about more than the routine

By putting in a little more effort into the habits that can sustain healthier, younger skin, you can spend a lot less time on skincare and hiding blemishes. Some of the most surprising ways of looking your best involve no products at all. Make sure you hydrate as much as possible, cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed, avoid exposing your skin to the sun, and clear the sugar and fat out of your diet and you’re less likely to need to spend as much time applying foundation in the morning.

Opt for a more permanent solution

When you’re using anti-wrinkle cream or shaving your legs, you could save yourself a lot of time by taking the nuclear option. From laser hair removal to dermal fillers, take a look at what places like Trouvé Med Spa could offer. Plastic surgery isn’t necessary, there are plenty of non-invasive medical beauty treatments that can instantly make a lasting difference in your appearance.  Just a few appointments and you could shave tens of minutes off of your morning routines.

Wash better

There are some washing habits that aren’t as healthy for you as you might think. First of all, don’t start the day with a deep cleanse or scrub, a shower is enough. Anything more and you risk wiping off the healthy oils your skin produces at night time that actually helps keep it clean and smooth. While you’re in the shower, you can cut down on your skincare time by using some of these in-shower body lotions as shown at Stylecraze. Finding the opportunity to multitasking (without ruining your contour because you’re doing it with one hand) is always a smart way to save time.

The truth is that many women spend a lot of time in the morning doing parts of the routine that they simply don’t need to. Whether there’s a more permanent solution you could turn to much more easily or just a more efficient way to handle what you’re already doing, hopefully the ideas above give you some inspiration.