How To Dress On A Rainy Day And Still Look Good

We’ve all been there, you wake up one morning, have your shower, and then think about what to wear. You look out the bedroom window, only to see that there’s torrential rain coming down. The forecast is bleak, and it looks like you’ve got a rainy day on your hands.


How on earth are you supposed to dress for this? You obviously need something waterproof, but you don’t want to just stick some horrible raincoat on and look like an unstylish fool. Plus, what should you wear underneath that, what footwear is appropriate - it’s all a complete mess.

Well, no more.

In this blog, I’ll give some fashion tips to help you dress on a rainy day while still looking fabulous!

Wear rain boots for practicality and style

We’ll start with your footwear as this is very important. Sidewalks get very slippery, as do shop floors, which means heels and regular shoes are a hazard. While a slip and fall lawyer will say you can make a claim if you slip over on a wet floor, it’s still better off to avoid the pain and hassle by dressing appropriately. You can get some really gorgeous rain boots these days that are way better than your typical rubber wellies. They come in all sorts of designs and are waterproof and very grippy - perfect for the wet and slippery conditions.

Get a long waterproof coat

I do think umbrellas can help in the rain, but a coat offers the most protection, particularly if it’s windy as well. Don’t opt for flimsy light raincoats, get something longer and with more oomph instead. Trench coats are very fashionable, and they provide you with great coverage to ensure even your legs stay as dry as can be.

Choose dark-colored trousers

While a raincoat and boots will help cover as much of your legs as can be, there’s still the slight chance they’ll get wet. What you don’t want is embarrassing water patches on your trousers that everyone can see. So, make sure you choose dark colored ones - black trousers/jeans/leggings are always a winner. They’re simple, can go with pretty much anything, and the wetness won’t show up.

Always have a few spare pairs of socks in your bag

No matter how waterproof your rain boots will be, there’s the possibility your feet will end up wet. It always seems to happen, and there are few things in life more disgusting than walking around in wet socks. So, always have a few spare pairs of cute thick socks in your bag. Change into them if you need to, and your feet will be fine. I guess I could add a spare pair of indoor shoes to this point as well - they’ll come in handy if you’re in work, so you don’t have to walk around in boots.

Rainy days are everyone's nightmare, but now you know how to dress for them! You can still look good, and you’ll keep yourself as dry as possible too.