Shop the Rainbow Trend

I think I may have found my new favorite pattern (just kidding florals - I’ll love you forever)! Just in time for Pride Month, rainbow-hued garments have been popping up all over our feeds. Retailers are learning they must create an inclusive experience for all in order to attract the world’s biggest group of clothing consumers: millennials. While this rainbow clothing trend may be a grasp at LGBTQ+ shoppers, I hope it is an indication of change for the fashion industry and its consumers. Is this just another fashion trend, an ongoing celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, or a strategically-timed marketing ploy?

Despite my skepticism, I am happy to celebrate my LGBTQ+ friends and family while adding a few more pops of color to my wardrobe. As a fiend for colorful and vibrant pieces, I am more than ecstatic to add a few rainbows to my cart. With so many styles and variants available, I had to stop myself from transforming my entire summer wardrobe into a bag of Skittles. Shop my picks below.


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This Lovers + Friends Lynn Short from Revolve is so adorable and fun for summer! I love skorts because I can move freely in them and wear high heels without getting called a “hoochie momma” by my mother. Sidenote: Does anyone else’s mom have very strict fashion rules?

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This Oversized Denim Jacket from ASOS is such a look! A true fashionista owns at least five or six denim jackets but it never hurts to add another to your wardrobe.

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I love this Rainbow Knitted Jumper from Boohoo and I cannot wait to style it in my Fall/Winter wardrobe! Sweaters are usually very simple and sometimes bland so this one is especially refreshing.

94fc6bf9a4135e36666f46001182806d (1).jpg

This Rainbow Stripe Ruffle Bardot Crop Jumper from Boohoo is such a cool piece! It is made of knit fabric yet it’s cropped - what a contrast. I can picture this paired with high waist white jeans or a red pencil skirt.

This Cropped embellished cotton-gauze top from Net-A-Porter is definitely a splurge but I can picture myself styling this a million and one ways all summer long!