Spot the Latest International Fashion Trends without Spending Money

We all want to be in the picture about the latest fashion trends, but don’t necessarily want to spend hundreds on attending shows and exhibitions. For the smart girls out there, plenty of opportunities exist to find out about a new style or shoe that is likely to enter the market, so they can do their shopping before the craze hits and the latest models cost a fortune. Below you will find a few clever ways of spotting fashion trends without having to spend extra money while traveling.

Image via  Kris Atomic

Image via Kris Atomic


Music Videos and Shows

People are often influenced by celebrities, and the things you first see in music videos is likely to be popular for a few months at least. You also need to know that the best singers and artists get their clothes designed for the performance and video by famous people, so whatever they wear might be used later in the year to introduce a new collection or fashion line. Look out for anything unusual that can become a great hit with the general public.


Designer Stores While On Vacation

There’s no harm in going into designer stores even if your pocket and credit card are empty while on vacation. You can sample the different new designs and get ideas on how you can implement them in your future wardrobe. Look for items that are not in other clothes stores yet, as big labels are usually the ones that dictate fashion trends, and smaller discount companies only follow their lead.


Local TV Shows

One great way of spotting trends and getting help implementing them in your personal fashion style is watching TV. If you are looking for a great source of fashion information, you can check out some Spanish tv shows that will not only help you improve your language skills, but also introduce you to the latest designs.  


International Magazines

Many women’s and lifestyle magazines feature trend predictions for the next season. You can subscribe to them on the internet to save money, or simply opt for reading popular blogs for free. You don’t have to be physically present at the fashion show to stay informed about the latest and upcoming trends; let the writer and journalist tell you what they saw and how they think the different new items will do during the season.


Window Shopping During City Breaks

You might think that walking down the high street of a busy city and window shopping is a pointless exercise. Think again. All stores want to show off their latest arrivals and creations. The higher the price of the item in the window is, the more likely it will be the next big thing. If there is no price tag, you might have found yourself  a winner, and found the trend that will be the “done thing” in the world of fashion in the next few months.

No matter if you can attend the local or international fashion shows or not, you can get smart and spot the new trends early, so you can adjust your wardrobe and personalize your style accordingly.