Hike Like a Pro: 3 Tips For the Best Hiking Trip

The great thing about hiking is that you really don’t need much at all to get started. A pair of good shoes, perhaps, a mid-trip snack and a good attitude can get you quite far. Yet, to beginners, the great outdoors may seem a bit overwhelming - and those experienced hikers make it seem like you need a fully equipped kit just to get started.

Image by:  Pexels

Image by: Pexels


Luckily, you have easy and straightforward guides like this one to make sure you head off on the right trail and take care of the most essential things. Here is a handful of the best kind of tips for hiking newbies so that you can get started exploring nature right away.


#1 Find a trail that works for you


In Norway, the home of nature lovers and hikers of all ages, they have a set of rules you should follow when you skiing in the mountains. A summer hike will, of course, look quite different than a snowy ski trip but rule number 8 still applies wherever you choose to hike; there is no shame in turning around and heading back home.

Do it sooner rather than later and you’ll avoid getting lost on a trail that just isn’t right for your fitness level - or, even better, make sure you embark on one that works for you. Do your research first and find a trail that won’t be too demanding in case you’ve completely new to hiking.

While there is nothing particularly dangerous about a walk in the forest or the mountain, it is dangerous to get lost and you certainly don’t want to wander too deep into nature when the sun is about to set. Make sure you always know where you are and where you are going - when you’re not sure about the trail you’re at, it’s time to turn around and head back.


#2 Carry the right kind of stuff


Even though it’s just a simple hike, you should still think ahead and pack something in case you stay out longer than you thought. Norway’s mountain rules still apply in this scenario; rule number 4 teaches us to always carry the necessary equipment, even on short trips, and pack the sort of things that the environment demands.

This includes a comfortable backpack in which you should pack equipment for navigation, food and water, first aid supplies and sun protection. Have a look at backpacks.asia in case you need a new backpack as these ones are especially suited for long and short hiking trips.

Maybe you’re able to think about something else you might need - the important thing is to pack for the environment and keep in mind that a mountain hike may require a bit more than a hike by the lake.  


#3 Tell someone where you’re going


Any hiker should remember to tell their friends and family where they are going but beginners, in particular, need to remember this. Because they’re not used to talking longer trips out in nature, they run the risk of being a bit overly naive about it all - and they could easily neglect telling someone where they’re going, recognizing the dangers of being lost, and packing the kind of equipment that you need when you’re out and about.

While you don’t need much to hike like a prop you do need a different mindset and a certain respect for the elements. Save your energy and take breaks when you need it and you’ll thank yourself later.