Self Care: You Need A Little Bit Of TLC

We all need a little TLC from time to time. Sometimes, we just need to learn to love ourselves, rather than rely on the love from others to get us through. Because that’s what we seem to be so bad at as human beings. We’re always so focused on what everyone else is doing, thinking, and how they might be treating us, that we forget we’re our own biggest supporter. We should be out to impress ourselves, rather than focusing on other people. But, we know that this isn’t going to be possible for everyone, and it’ll be a rare occasion that you’re actually giving yourself a little bit of TLC. However, if your time has come, and you know you’re running low on the lust for life, then I know a few ways that you can really give yourself a little treat. Take some time to focus on you, and follow the tips that we’ve got below for you!

Getting Rid Of Those Aches & Pains


Aches and pains really are a nightmare to live with, yet it’s something that the majority of us have to do every single day. Whether they’re coming from an injury, age, or because of your job, it’s time to get them sorted. You wouldn’t truly be giving yourself some TLC if you didn’t! So, the first thing that you can do is source massage therapy. This will require you to have a few rounds of treatment, but it helps to manipulate the muscles and fluid around the muscles, to ultimately relieve the pain that you might be feeling. If you’re wincing every time you walk, or pick something up, then the difference this is going to make to your life will be magical. Plus, there’s nothing more relaxing than being able to have a massage, have a chat, and let all the worries in your life melt away for that short space of time. You should also consider taking up things such as yoga, which will improve so many different aspects of your life. One of the reasons why you might have so many of the aches and pains, is because you’re stiff as a board! Learning some yoga moves and practicing them every morning will stretch you out for the day, and can loosen any of the muscles that might be tight, and causing you to ache as soon as you get out of bed. You could even take up some yoga classes and turn it into a hobby, which leads us on to our next section.


Getting A Hobby


You might wonder how doing something is giving yourself some TLC, but it really does. You have to think about how crazy your mind runs all of the time. Your mind is always so focused on doing something. Whether it be what you’re going to do at what, what you’re going to have for dinner, what you’re going to do tomorrow. It’s all things that aren’t really what you want to do. Having a hobby gives you that break from thinking about life. It puts you in a frame of mind where you’re so focused on what you’re actually doing, and you enjoy doing it. Your hobby can be anything, from knitting to surfing, it just has to be something that you enjoy. We recommend finding something to do once a week, and fully investing yourself into it. If you want to stay fit and healthy, you should probably do something sport related. There will be so many different things in your local area that will accommodate for that! Plus, what’s even better, having a hobby is a great way for you to make new friends. The amount of people who start a new class not knowing anybody, and are out for coffee with the people in there a few weeks later is amazing. You all have something in common, and you know you’ve got a way of seeing them at least once a week, even if it is whilst doing something sporty!


Getting Out The Country


Hands up if you need a vacation! Hands up if you haven’t even considered booking one yet because your mind is so focused on everything else! As we get older, the need for a vacation grows, but the ability to have one shrinks. What with bills, family, work commitments, it might seem impossible for you to ever leave the country. Well, you’re so wrong! You can easily find cheap vacations if you have a look. Look at destinations such as Cape Verde, and Turkey. You can go to glorious five-star hotels for a week, and only pay a few hundred for an all inclusive deal. We know that will have got your ears listening, so here’s how you can save a little more money. Going last minute slashes the price by hundreds as the tour operators are desperate to make the money, rather than not have anybody go at all. Look for some last minute deals, save a few hundred dollars, and get the ultimate dose of TLC on a luxurious holiday!


Getting Together With Friends


How much do you laugh when you’re with your friends? How much do you gossip when you’re with your friends? It’s an escape from reality that we love to have, and nothing takes our mind off stress like ranting to our friends and getting it all off our chests. It’s TLC in a way that you can be yourself, you can let loose, and you still feel like teenagers when you get together. Now, the perfect way to get together with friends is with a glass of prosecco in your hand, so why not organize a nice date night out with them. You could go for some nice pub food if money is a bit tight, and finish it off with a bottle of wine or two. You really will forget all your troubles, forget about your responsibilities, and you’ll be able to let your hair down. If you want to combine the last paragraph with this one, we know you’ll have the most epic time. Going away with your friends is one of the best holiday’s you will ever have!


So, do you feel like you’re ready to have some TLC, well go and get it!