The Trendy Twos: Dressing Your Toddler With Style (Sensibly)!

The topic of style doesn't usually apply to young kids, but why not?! When children are old enough to wear more than a onesie, we want to show them off. So, when they've hit toddler age, we can begin to dress them with some style. But, what are the best ways to go about this?

Mixing Style And Comfort

Style and comfort can go together very well, it's just about making sure that you pick clothes that they are able to function in. We can all make the mistake of going for something that’s overtly stylish, but doesn't fit very well, and isn't practical, especially if they are in the middle of potty training!

Get Them What They Want!

There are going to be times when you will just have to relent and pick clothes that aren’t necessary stylish but are sparkly enough to pique their interest for a short period of time. And this means, sometimes, getting those shoes that are sparkly, or may even have wheels on the bottom! On you can find various light up sneakers for toddlers which will keep them happy. And, as a bonus, if they ever run off in the supermarket, you've got a very distinctive looking child!

Have More Than One Of The Same

We can't tell what our kid is going to do next. And if you are on a day out with them, and they need to look good, such as a social function or a wedding, it’s advisable to have more than one top in the same pattern, and the benefits of having one style, whether it's polka dots or stripes, you can mix and match with other clothes very easily.

Prepare For Growth

There is no telling how much our children will grow in the space of a couple of months, meaning that when we're doing our best to style our kids, we can end up spending more than we'd like. But, we have to account for these growth spurts. However, there are ways for you to save money on children's clothes, but still, keep some sort of style. Websites like give you some handy pointers when saving money on shopping for children's clothes. But if you are trying to go for the stylish approach, sometimes we have to spend a little bit more money. However, it's down to you to decide on the necessary balance. Yes, our children will have a lot of growth spurts, but it depends on their age and the rate in which they’re growing.

Most of us have clothes for our kids that are just “for best”, and the rest of the time, we make the most of cheap clothes, primarily because there's no telling how many accidents they will have. But, you shouldn't skimp on style, especially if you go out a lot. But regardless of the occasion, whether you want them to travel in style, make a big impression at daycare, or that special occasion, you can find the right balance.