Staying in a Hotel with a Toddler

Traveling with kids can be tough. But, that doesn’t mean that it should be avoided. Sometimes, trips are necessary. You have to travel for work or to see family, and you need to take the kids with you. Other times, your trips aren’t necessary, just fun. Going on vacation with children can be stressful, sure, but, it can also be wonderful. Taking your kids to new places can be fun, exciting and give you all a trip filled with childish excitement and wonder that you’d never be able to recreate without them.

Many of us worry about the travel itself. Especially when we’ve got babies in our group. We think that when we arrive, the fun will start and the stress will ease. In reality, however, flying with a baby is often quite simple. They tend to sleep for most of the journey and don’t notice much difference when they are awake. Staying in a hotel with a baby probably isn’t as tough as you’d imagine either. It’s when they are a little bit older that it can become more stressful.

Toddlers know that they aren’t at home. They miss their home comforts. They don’t like sleeping in a different bed. They refuse to eat hotel food. They get overly excited about everything, and their behavior can be turbulent. Even if you stay in a lovely hotel like the Sleep Inn Henderson, you might need some tips to make the stay more fun.

Take Some Home Comforts

Your toddler could become homesick. They might miss home and everything that they’ve left behind. Toddlers can suffer from separation anxiety and become very upset when facing change and the unknown. The best way to help them to deal with this is taking some comforts from home. Pack a few toys, their favorite teddy bear and maybe even their pillow or blanket from home.

Try to Maintain a Routine

You might not want to stick to strict bedtimes and every part of your routine while you are away, which is fine. But, you might find that keeping some of it helps your toddler settle. Put them to bed later if you want, but stick to your usual routine around bedtime and your child will know what to expect.

Don’t be Afraid to Say No

When we’re on vacation, it’s tempting to let all of the rules slide so that we can all have more fun. But, toddlers need some rules. They make them feel safe and protected. You’ll probably find that you all have more fun, and your children behave better if you say no occasionally.

Separate the Room

When you stay in a hotel, you are often in one room. This room is for play, for sleep and relaxing. For adults, this is fine. We adapt easily. For a young child, this can be a confusing and over-stimulating atmosphere. This can make it hard for them to sleep. If you can, separate the room. Keep toys away from the bed, use furniture to divide the room, or even hang towels and sheets across the middle on a line if there is enough space.