Forget Bathing On The Beach, Here's A Better Way To Spend That Time

If you’re an avid traveler, the idea of spending days on the beach probably doesn’t appeal. For those of us who love to get stuck into a culture, this can seem like a criminal waste of time. After all, you’ve paid a lot for this experience. And, all you’ll have for a day at the beach is sand in every crevice, and slightly more radiant skin.

In fact, travelers often dislike beach time so much they scorn tourists who spend vacations this way. After all, there are so many more things to see than just sand and sea when you go away.

But, by taking a step back, you might see that those people aren’t so off the markl. That’s not to say you need to spend every day of your holiday this way. But, as those individuals would enjoy a day in town, you might get more from a beach day than you think. In fact, beach time doesn’t need to be wasted time at all. Read on to find out how you could put it to good use.

Take time to relax

No matter how you travel, you probably do so to relax. Yet, many of us fill our vacation days with more than we would at home. And, that’s not always ideal. You don’t need to put a stop to that, but you could benefit from a few hours of just sitting on the beach and doing nothing. Anyone who uses meditation aids like the Calm app will testify to how relaxing it is to close your eyes and listen to the sea. If you give yourself this time, you’ll be fresh and ready for the rest of your stay.

The right reading material

Most people read while they’re on the beach. That in itself is time well spent. But, the latest romance bestseller might not be the best. Instead, look out for books which expand your mind, like those mentioned at That way, you can learn and grow, all from the comfort of your beach towel.


Sign up for sports

Most beaches offer the option to sign up for sea-based sports. There are usually stalls offering things like speed boat rides or kitesurfing opportunities like those found at If you fancy staying high and dry, you could even hire a volleyball net. Either way, sport is a fantastic way to get fit and healthy after that cultural cuisine.

Washed away with nature

Beach environments also offer a chance to explore new nature. You may spend days on land looking out for all sorts of animals. But, you’ll miss out without the sea. In excluded beaches, it’s possible to jump right in with sea life. You could even sign up for scuba sessions which get you up close and personal. Even if you only intend to sit on the beach, shells and fossils could reveal a whole new side of a country’s nature. And, you’d never know that if you didn’t head to the beach.