The Five Types of Travelers

If you look at your group of five friends and ask them to each describe a vacation that they love, you will get five different vacation style ideas thrown at you. People are different, and they have different ideas about what makes a good vacation, which is why you’ll always get a different answer when you ask that question. There are so many vacation categories out there, but the five that are listed below can give you some insight as to what you should do next year when you choose to book your next vacation.

The Sight Seer

Some people choose to book a vacation based on the historical and exciting sights that they can see during their time away from their hometown. The world is a very big place and the more you get to see when you visit the next city, the better. Exploration has been a human curiosity for thousands of years, and it hasn’t ended just because we’ve gone around the world a few times. You can sight-see on a budget with careful planning and forward thinking.

Work Hard, Play Harder

There are some vacations out there that aren’t about dozing on a beach or traipsing around the monuments of a city. Some vacations are purely about the water parks and theme parks and all the festivals that you can fit into the time you have away. These are popular items for families, but even if you just want to rewind the clock and be carefree for a while, a theme park packed vacation will suit you!

The Nature Traveler

Some people like to check out Montana 5th wheel for sale for the bet camper van and take to the mountains for a while. The uncharted course, the terra incognita – it’s all exciting! Camping can give you a chance to unplug and get in touch with the natural world around you. You can build in physical activities for workouts and to get some much-needed exercise.


Some vacations are simply to be totally enjoyed. They’re a chance to breathe right out and relax for a few weeks. Take yourself to a spa, or head to a yoga retreat to make total relaxation as easy as possible. You could choose to get involved with people and activities, or you could just meander along, sitting on the beach to breathe in the sunshine and the sea air and enjoy yourself for half an hour.

The Adventurer

When you can’t stomach lounging on the beach or listening to kids screaming at the water parks, why don’t you think about an adventure break? Skydiving. Abseiling. White-water rafting. Kayaking down a stormy river. Adrenaline pumps for the length of your time away and you get a chance to raise your heart rate and enjoy yourself. It’s not relaxing, but it is hugely invigorating!


You have many vacation choices to choose from next year. All you need to do is decide which one of these is the best one for you and move forward from there. Enjoy yourself and book now!