You've Never Traveled Like This Before

Ok, so you might have been to a few different countries before, and you might have liked what you see. Sometimes you’ll go on holiday and all you can think about is your next, and then the fact that you’ve not got enough money to go on holiday until the next year. It’s a cycle we all go through. Pretty much all of us are only allowed on one holiday a year, and boy can that get us down from time to time. Especially when all you seem to be able to see on social media is people going here, there and everywhere. I hate holiday envy, but I definitely think that it is healthy from time to time. Sometimes it spurs us on to do something a little different the next time we travel, and sometimes different is good. It’s not all about going to a beach holiday destination, booking an all inclusive, and lying around doing nothing all day. Sometimes it’s about the finer things you can do. So, we’re going to put together a holiday like no other for you, and show you why you’ve never traveled like this before.

We Bet You Always Get On A Plane

I can almost put money on the fact that most of you reading this will have always got on a plane when it comes to traveling. If not, then we bet you always pack the car and go somewhere for a little bit of a camping trip. There’s nothing wrong with this. It has to be said that the most popular way of going on holiday is to jump on a plane. It’s definitely the scariest way for some people, but it can also be seen as a means to an end. But, we think that something else tops this completely. You’ll notice how expensive some holidays can be, especially during peak season. You’ll pay thousands if you take a family. Or if it is just you and your partner, you’re still likely to spend thousands. A nice all inclusive is just a money drainer during the summer months. So, have you ever thought about going on a cruise. We actually bet you have, and we bet you’ve promised to do one for years, but have never got round to it. Let us tell you, you definitely get more for your money. You’ll find they’re a lot cheaper than you would first expect, and you get to see so many countries in one for the money that you’re spending. Well worth looking into if you’re bored of the normal holiday that you always seem to do. You’ve got your Caribbean cruises, and your Mediterranean cruises, and both are worth trying.

Do You Do Excursions Like These?

Most of you will happily hold your hands up and say that you don’t do any excursions at all. You will happily spend all of your time just lying around, doing nothing, and soaking up the sun. But if you’re not usually one to do excursions, then you seriously are missing out. There’s parts of the countries that you will have visited that you just won’t have experienced properly yet. So many experiences that so many countries have to offer that you just don’t know about yet. We’re talking about things such as exquisite wine tasting. Even if you think you’re not a fan of wine, you definitely will be after trying it at a wine tour. You’re pretty much trying it right from the barrel, and the flavor is so much higher than what you would get out of a wine bottle from the shop. You should definitely check it out! But, if you really know you’re not going to be wine tasting fan, then it is most definitely not the end of the road for you. If you still want to stick to something fancy, then why not check out if there are any local yacht companies about. Okay, so the first thing you will have thought is that this will cost some serious money, right? Wrong. You don’t even have to pay that much to do a private yacht tour. You can relax all day under the beautiful sun, whilst seeing some of the best places you can get to around the island you’re on! It really is a magical day, and some of them even come catered. If none of this is your scene, then we really would urge you to get looking at what you can do in the area that you’re going to. It might surprise you how much will be on offer!

Have You Ever Gone High End?

Most of you will probably stay in a nice 4* hotel, are we right? Sometimes it’s just so much easier to do this than to go to an expensive hotel where you don’t feel comfortable, and where your purse isn’t stretched more than it has ever been stretched before. Are we right? Well, you don’t actually have to spend that much going to a luxurious place. Yes, if you were to book a package holiday to a 5* hotel, you definitely would be paying through the nose. But if you were to book it all separately, and only stay at the fancy hotel for a few nights, and a normal hotel the rest, you’ll probably find that you’ll spend the same as you would if you were to book a package holiday to a nice 4*. So, we definitely urge you to check out the difference between booking it all separately, and get yourself a few nights at a plush hotel. You won’t feel out of place, in fact, they’ll do all that they can to make you feel more than welcome. Just make sure you’re always reading the reviews before you go. You’ll find that a lot of 5* hotels are not all that they seem!

So, do you think you’re going to travel a little bit differently next time around? Or are you going to be the one who sticks to what they know, because they’re comfortable with what they know. Either way, we really do urge you to spend a bit of time considering adding one of these to your list.