Small Ways To Add Luxury To Your Next Vacation

Want to plan a luxury holiday on a modest budget? It’s possible to add some lavishness to your holiday without overspending simply by putting a luxury touch into some of the details.  Here are just a few ideas for giving your next vacation a touch of luxury.


Pay extra for more airplane legroom


First class can be too expensive for most people, but you could always give yourself a taste of business class rather than simply opting for economy class. Alternatively, you could stay in economy class, but pay a little extra for a seat at the front or by one of the emergency doors – this will give you more legroom and make your journey that slight bit more luxurious.


Upgrade your airport transfer


You could also consider kicking off your vacation in style by taking a break from the standard coach or minivan transfer and instead upgrade to a limousine. This could be great for a honeymoon or birthday treat vacation. You can find such services at sites such as It may only be a small extravagance but it gives your vacation the memorable start that it deserves.


Book a 5-star hotel in a cheap destination


5-star hotels are expensive in most popular destinations, but if you’re willing to try somewhere a little off the beaten track you may be able to enjoy five-star luxury for the cost of a three-star hotel in a popular destination. This guide at details some of the cheapest places around the world for five-star accommodation. You may find that general costs of food, drink, and shopping in the area are equally cheap, allowing you to stay within a tight budget. Yes, there may not be such a range of local attractions to choose from, but you’ll be spending each night luxury conditions.


…or go cheap in a luxury destination


Another alternative could be to find basic accommodation in a luxury location. This could include staying in a hostel in Dubai or a campsite on the outskirts of St Tropez – whilst your accommodation won’t be luxurious, you’ll be surrounded by luxurious sights. Sleeping somewhere cheap may even allow you to justify spending more on eating out and visiting attractions. Alternatively, you could simply enjoy the luxury setting whilst doing cheap activities, such as having a picnic in New York central park or playing beach games on Miami Beach.


Treat yourself to some fine dining


Another luxury option could be to try some fine dining. If you’re able to eat cheap for the majority of the holiday (or even book a hotel that’s all-inclusive), this could allow you to justify one blow-out meal at a fancy restaurant. This could be a great treat to plan near the end of your holiday so that you have it to look forward to.