How to Look Pretty in Pastels

Pastels come and go in the fashion world, but they're currently undergoing a comeback in a big way. Pastels can look a little old-fashioned if you're not careful, but everyone is going for them in bold and contemporary styles. You have to avoid looking too buttoned up and prim if you want to wear pastels. Fortunately, there are lots of ways you can give them a modern twist. Primary colors are great options, but you might also explore green, lilac and, of course, pink, which is a bit like a pastel red. Here's how you can make the pastel trend your own.


Pick Non-traditional Fabrics

If you want to give pastels a more modern makeover, one way to do it is to look at unexpected fabrics. Instead of sticking to cotton and other more traditional materials, pick things like patent leather, viscose or maybe even a suedette to keep things exciting. If you're going to wear pastels this summer, you might as well try something bold that makes a statement. Try a fabric that's a bit riskier if you want to do something different. But be careful if you want to make it work. You have to wear it with confidence.

Start with a Black Foundation


If you're a bit frightened of pastels and unsure about how to make them work, you don't have to go all-out, to begin with. Head-to-toe pastels can feel like expert level fashion for some, and you might not exactly feel like it's for you! Don't worry, though, because you can start subtle and build up from there. Maybe you want to choose a black dress and pair it with some pastel accessories or layers. Or you could stick with a black top matched with a pastel skirt or pants. White can work too as a base for your outfit, although it can work better for your shoes and accessories.


Choose Tailored Pieces

There are lots of loose, floaty and frilly pastel pieces out there. But if you're not sure that's right for you, stick to more tailored pieces. You want to avoid looking too frumpy, and tailored styles can help with that. If you check out Filly Flair online, you might want to take a look at the Summertime Magic maxi dress. The contrast between the solid pastel skirt of the dress and the bright kaleidoscope top creates a fantastic waistline. You can also explore things like tailored blazers and pants, although you might not want to wear them during the summer.

Build a Collection of Pastel Accessories


Pastel accessories can be a good choice too, especially if you want to ease yourself into the pastel trend. Pick yourself up a baby blue bag or a butter yellow pair of shoes to get your wardrobe started with some pretty pastels. The Loewe bag in pink, green, blue and yellow is a popular option with style gurus. There are plenty of other options, though. If you've chosen a contemporary look for your main outfit, maybe pair it with some retro accessories.


Perfect your look in pastels for a great summer look or brighten up later in the year too.

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